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Call Me (2021 NFT)


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Call Me (2021 NFT)


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Joker by Irene Gabi

The Dark Kinight

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Fantasy Art

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Cindy the Hero

Mayana Guest Art

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Vandaria Wars

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Overwatch: Tracer

Game Art

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Inktober 2019 - 24

Claymore Fanart

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Rorschach Commission

Super heroes

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Pretty Ladies

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Fanboy Expo Giant Size Print

Comic Art

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Cyborg Design


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Winter landscape


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Rogue and Zatanna ~ Commission

Type Moon

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Vincent Valentine

Final Fantasy

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Ghost in the Shell

Shirow Stuff

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You're Not Alone

    “Sometimes we lay aside our own troubles when we wipe away another's tears.”    —Seneca By techgnotic (   Apart...   Is no longer alone T his life is not easy; a winding, sometimes whimsical, sometimes tragic journey that ultimately finds terminus in the same common destination for each of us. No matter the brave, fierce constructs we build and serve that would have us believe we are each one of us all alone as we make this journey, we make our way toward the end of all things side-by-side in our community of the living each day defying death.  Our paths may be wildly divergent—the way of the hungry and impov


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Komik Indo

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Best Friends

Super heroine

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The Lion King


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Geometric Wolverine


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Commissions CLOSED

 SLOTS 1.   2.   3.   4.   5.  HOW TO ORDER  read this journal in depth and decide what you would like to be commissioned.  send me a note on Deviantart or email me,  explain character design that you want.  send link for references of your character if you have any.  describe in as much detail as you would like.  I will send you my paypal email address and you will give me your address.  You will pay 50% the price of the commission.  I will send you a sketch where you can approve it or you can make alterations.  Once I've finished the final fully coloured illustration I will send you a heavily watermark

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Painting study

Red Heads

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