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Wilson Kane wins a fortune and his future bride at a game of dice from the former pirate Balthasar. When he decides to go and get the girl, the pirate way, by kidnapping her, not only he finds out that she is more than a pirate could ever want from a wife... but that she has 4 identical sisters as well. This discovery hits him when his men, who were supposed to help him out, each kidnaps a different girl... and none of them gets the right one! But Wilson Kane wants the girl he had met and no one else! Luckily for him it will be the girl herself to solve his problem and put an end to his dilemma... a solution that will eventually fling her into a world of adventures on the Mediterranean sea.

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The Castalia cat!!! :dance: Oh!! 8D Oh boy!! things are about to get *INTERESTING* ... not that they aren't already interesting... XD just ...

The Plot Thickens 8D hhehheheheh :heart: :icondramaticplz: 
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Looking at the kids an idea popped in my mind!!! A mini comic on them being teenagers!
ardenofardrah's avatar
omg! its the castalia kitty kitty! :D
Brii333's avatar
OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't handle the implications of the kitty.
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Oh! It's Cat-stalia!
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I thought the girl was Kane's niece? Why does Cosmio refer to Kane as "our" father... doesn't she remember her father?
Dedasaur's avatar
I will answer to this question in the story entitled "while you were away".
Moonstone27's avatar
Oh okay. I shall be looking forward to that next story then:eager:
Dedasaur's avatar
:D I hope I get to tell it soon... I need to be psychologically ready hahaha.
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