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The Story of Man has been lasting for millions of years, and in millions of years, million of stories or a million versions of the same story were passed down to us.
All equally true, all equally false, like the people who lived them and lived to tell them.
I know a story which contains them all, as contradictory as they may seem, they never cancel each other out.
I know the Story. The true Story of Man.
If you'd like to hear me out feel free to keep an open mind, believe my words or not, take this Story the same way you would take any other story.
All equally true, all equally false, like this one.
If would be just another millionth version... if it weren't for the fact that, I can assure, it's not. 
Nevertheless, we all have a right to cling to a reasonable doubt; I am just a witness, not very objective and very much involved, in my pupil's story.  
I shouldn't lie to you: I am what you'd call an angel!
Then again if you don't believe in angels... feel free to believe in nothing at all!

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She cute ;)
I love their interactions with one another.