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Circe and Ulysses by Dedasaur, visual art


The Pirate Balthasar a Christmas Morning by Littlebozsheep, literature

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Artist // Professional // Film & Animation
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Due to lack of time: I can't take requests and can't do commissions. I cannot currently also: watch-for-watch, read your comic and give feedback on anything, sorry :/.

I'm on an average of 12 working hours per day. Average...

My rate for projects is 75$ per hour - at the moment I am booked with projects until July 2022.

If you request drawings for The Pirate Balthasar, The Flower and The Nose or The Mark of Cain I can slide them in preproduction studies

I will give you a Llama if you want a llama

I have a Kofi account if you want to keep me caffeinated and working on comics:


I was given curiosity, so I studied...

I was given a brain, so I did some thinking... I was given eyes, so I stared and I was given hands, so I drew... I was given imagination, so I wrote... Life gave me troubles, so I lied... Time gave me chances, so I grabbed... Dreams gave me faith, so I traveled... With patience I learned patience; With teamwork, I learned sharing; With friends, I grew caring...

And so because I lied, I tell stories and because I care I tell good ones... Because I worked and I was troubled, I became responsible and did my best... Because I am still curious and had chances, I learned and want to learn more...

Because I dreamt, I went this far..... Because I have faith, I will go further.

So have faith in me and I'll go the distance for you!

Current Residence: Italian in Singapore!

Favorite genre of music: Opera

Favorite style of art: All of it

Favorite cartoon character: Dumbo

Personal Quote: "If you can dream it you can do it" (Disney)

Favourite Visual Artist
Norman Rockwell, Roberto Innocenti, Peter de Seve, Rebecca Dautremere
Favourite Movies
Captain Blood, Iron Giant, Nightmare Before Christmas, Little Miss Sunshine, The Princess Bride
Favourite TV Shows
South Park, Arrested Development, Fargo, Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, The Newsroom
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Alan Menken, Mozart, Stravinsky, Puccini
Favourite Books
The Count of Montecristo, around the world in 80 days, William the Marshall, Moll Flanders
Favourite Games
I don't play.
Favourite Gaming Platform
I don't play.
Tools of the Trade
Ipad pro or prismacolor pencils
Podcast for The Other Side Story is up: enojoy.
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So my school did a series of video featurettes on Instagram and they look so cute with all the stickers and stuff. Check them out (click on the image).
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Guys, you have no idea the pain I had to endure XDD to be able to post the comic yesterday. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. I am on a borrowed computer, with no power (my fusebox exploded and maybe have destroyed my mac and cintiq), in the dark, it's 32 celsius in this room and I trying to treat an eye infection! And that was just the last 8 hours.
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Thanks for the llama 😍

I knew a llama once. Complicated fellow. Went by Albert. Odd name for a llama. Stranger still, the name on his harpoon gun license was Kevin. The license could have been fake, or stolen, but the DNA test came back with the same answer. Kevin Llamason. 73. Organ donor. Person of Interest.

Very suspicious.

But it wasn't enough to evict him. His references were checkered. His credit was good. Better than mine, even. So I let him stay. Pending the results of a series of wacky physical challenges to determine roommate compatibility. Standard tests really. Belching, licking and hairiness, determined by a painstaking strand count. Tolerance to noxious bodily stench. Turing. All failed. He blamed his allergies. Lightweight.

But I was willing to overlook that. A good roommate can be like a brother-in-law for life. It's all about compromise. Which he was unwilling to do. Spitting. It's a disgusting habit and he demanded that I stop. He could not be moved on this one point. Very unreasonable. No flexibility.

So under the cover of high noon, he fled. He took with him a failed friendship, an obviously optimistic dread of the future and my sixth favorite toothbrush! I have never felt so betrayed. That toothbrush was like a toothbrush to me. But at least he's gone. And good riddance. That guy was way too much of a chick magnet, and who needs that poultry drama? ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ

Thanks for the llama!

53 :hug:

you are welcome :D

Really enjoying "Mark of Cain"! It's like "Doctor Who" meets The Bible ;)
Thanks :D I am glad you like it.