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ToC. Ch 7: Pg 6 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 7: Pg 6 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 12 26 ToC. Ch 7: Pg 5 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 7: Pg 5 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 14 39 ToC. Ch 7: Pg 4 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 7: Pg 4 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 17 25 ToC. Ch 7: Pg 3 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 7: Pg 3 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 17 40 Map of Castur by Dedalo-el-Hispano Map of Castur :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 11 16 ToC. Ch 7: Pg 2 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 7: Pg 2 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 18 36 ToC. Ch 7: Pg 1 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 7: Pg 1 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 14 28 PMD: Everyone wants to be part of the CLUB by Dedalo-el-Hispano PMD: Everyone wants to be part of the CLUB :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 26 47 ToC. Ch 6: Pg 5 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 6: Pg 5 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 16 21 ToC. Ch 6: Pg 4 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 6: Pg 4 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 16 13 PMD: Not so much of an illusion by Dedalo-el-Hispano PMD: Not so much of an illusion :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 23 25 ToC. Ch 6: Pg 3 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 6: Pg 3 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 19 27 ToC. Ch 6: Pg 2 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 6: Pg 2 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 17 41 ToC. Ch 6: Pg 1 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 6: Pg 1 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 17 32 Medieval Time! a.k.a I'm back, or something. by Dedalo-el-Hispano Medieval Time! a.k.a I'm back, or something. :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 21 71 HIATUS: Have a good summer! by Dedalo-el-Hispano HIATUS: Have a good summer! :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 24 22


Look, before I begin, let me be honest. I LOVE this page. No, seriously. I love it. And it is not just the page, it is how much talent ...

First, I want to make clear few things: 1) I am not good at English, that’s why I’d like to apologize in advance for any misspellings. ...


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I have an odd relationship of hate/love with the Christmas picture I promised.
On one hand... Turns out that drawing +20 characters isn't that much of a piece of cake as I initially thought.
On the other... I don't know why but drawing someone's else's characters puts a smile on my face.
I hope I can get this done for December the 25th...
ToC. Ch 7: Pg 6
Next: Next Tuesday…
Cover: dedalo-el-hispano.deviantart.c…


Aidan Lithart. Kadabra.


As the Kid joins the fray, without realizing it, he's quickly abandoned by the members of his own squad.
That really doesn't help.


You know? This page wasn't supposed to be here.
Let me explain, in the original buffer, this page was going to be about some random battle scenes, in order to make some filler for this battle arc.

But last week, as I submited the previous page, I realized that this event you are seeing here plays a key role in the next pages... the problem is, the next pages only "talk" about this event.
So, realizing that such an important event should be "shown" rather than "simply said", I had to quickly draw this new page.

You know how goes the say: "show, don't tell"

Anyway, all this will make more sense on the next pages. Once you read them, you'll all be like: "OOOOOH... NOW I UNDERSTAND. THIS DAEDALUS DUDE IS A GENIUS".


Dedalo-el-Hispano's Profile Picture
I am a random dude who likes comics, medieval and pokemon.
One day I tried to combine these three. The first tries where really bad... but now I think that I have it. A good story, good characters... a simple but effective technique...
Feel free to read it. And tell me what do you think.

------------------------------------------- OKAY, YOUR GALLERY IS A MESS-------------------------------------------
Yah, I know, I know. Here, have some explanation:

First off, there are three comics:
1- Blodekain Legacy.
2- Icarus Paradox.
3- Tales of Castur.

-Blodekain Legacy:
This was a comic that I began to submit many years ago, in an older (yet now canceled) DeviantArt account: "Uryalgreycut". At the end, something bad happened, a bit of crisis and I had to cancel the comic and quit DeviantArt.

The comic got to approximately 57 pages, pages that I'm re-submitting in this profile.

I don't plan to continue this project in any form or way, but I am submitting the pages because I think it can be entertaining for you and a learning experience for me: taking a look at what I did and learn from my rights and wrongs.

-Icarus Paradox:
I began working on this comic two years ago and submitting it here on this same profile.
At the end, I canceled it because the project was too big.

-Tales of Castur:
The project I am currently working on.

-------------------------------------------COOL BUT DO THEY HAVE ANYTHING IN COMMON?-------------------

Now, as you can see, Tales of Castur and Icarus Paradox (and a bit of Blodekain Legacy) share similar characters.
That's true, even though I canceled projects, I wanted to keep some of the characters around.
This doesn't mean that they are connected: James from Blodekain Legacy is no way related to James from Tales of Castur or Icarus Paradox.

As for the canon, they share NO common canon. Blodekain Legacy, Icarus Paradox, and Tales of Castur are different worlds.
Ok, let's get started.

-Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the inconvenience... but today's ToC page will be submitted this Thursday (29th). That's due to horrible planning and an excessive amount of work.

-Secondly... I announce that this Christmas, I will submit a special drawing. Ladies and gentlemen... the Dedalo's-2018-Tales-of-Castur-themed-GROUP-CHRISTMAS-PICTURE!!!

But what is this about?
Well, this is something I had planned for quite a while ago. It is basically a picture drawn by in which you can take part with your characters/sonas in order to commemorate Christmas and our camaraderie. It's a way to wish you all Merry Christmas and also as a mean "thank you all for all your interest".
It's something you may have seen done by other artists... so I am pretty sure you get the idea.

What do you mean with "ToC-Themed"?
Well, you see... ToC began on November-December 2017... so I also want to make something to commemorate this event, too. Making a ToC-themed-christmas-picture is a way to hit two birds with one stone.

So... what's your idea?
I want to make a drawing of some of the characters from ToC, all dressed in soldier uniforms, accompanied by all of you, as members of the Castur army, posing like those old WWI or WWII pictures. The comic is talking right now about a war... and I thought it would be cool to reflect something like that.

I'm in! What should I do?
-First, you must have been watching me before this journal was posted.

-Second: you must comment down here or send me a note telling me that, yes, indeed, you want to take part of that drawing.

-Third: send me the pokemon oc that may represent you. It can be your pokesona, it can be the main characters from your PMD comic... if you have no sona, just let me know which pokemon (and some hints about his/her physical appearance) you want to be represented as.

-Fourth: are you into medieval stuff? I will draw all the characters in Casturean armor... but you may let me know if you want something "Unique" for your character (I don't know, maybe you want to appear with a katana. Want a katana? have at you! Just try not to be too excessive...)

Is there something you won't draw?
Well... yeah. Porn, fetishes, excessive gore, etc, etc.
I reserve the right to refuse any oc I may consider... inappropiate.

Is there a time limit?
Yes. I need to get to work on this as soon as possible sooo... let me know before December the 4th!
I won't accept any more entries from that point!
(I will make sure to drop enough reminders, though...)

I kinda want to participate... but not exactly as you wish us to participate...
I understand. Just let me know and I am sure we will agree on something ;)



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anESfan Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2018  Student General Artist
Looked at your interests, actually understood most of the Spanish ones
Dedalo-el-Hispano Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Do you speak it?
anESfan Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student General Artist
A little bit. I definitely speak it better than my friends (one of whom is taking Spanish) but I’m not that good.
Dedalo-el-Hispano Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Hmm... I could always talk to you in Spanish from time to time. That way, you can hone your skills with this language.
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greciiagzz Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2018  Professional Digital Artist

Hello! I’m here to share with you that I am open to create your ideal artwork—anything you want and however you picture it in your mind, I’ll make it come true (favorite characters, original characters, anything!). Feel free to check out my gallery and see if you like my style. :heart:


If you’re interested, send me a note!

Have a beautiful day!!! :D

anESfan Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2018  Student General Artist
Hey, just out of question, do you know someone named Luis (mandala)? She/he lives in Spain as well
(The reason I say he/she is because it says other instead of a gender. Just like my friend Luke!)
Dedalo-el-Hispano Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2018
Uhh... there's a lot of people here who is called Luis. I will need you to be more specific...
By the way, I don't quite understand the pronoun thing... but if your question is wheter if the name  "luis" is for a he or a she... "Luis" is a male name. It's like Luke.
anESfan Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2018  Student General Artist
Ok. Well, he didn’t put his last name so I can’t get more specific 😐
Have a nice thanksgiving
Dedalo-el-Hispano Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2018
Too bad.
Well, sure I do know a lot of people called "Luis", but, as I said, it's a common name.
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anESfan Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2018  Student General Artist
I have come up with a plan! It has nothing to do with any geographical feature! We will wage a war of Psycological warfare! We will make the enemy believe in what isn’t there! We just need a shit ton of (insert the type that can get into people’s heads here because I can’t spell it)!
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