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ToC. Ch 6: Pg 2 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 6: Pg 2 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 11 7 ToC. Ch 6: Pg 1 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 6: Pg 1 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 14 31 Medieval Time! a.k.a I'm back, or something. by Dedalo-el-Hispano Medieval Time! a.k.a I'm back, or something. :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 18 65 HIATUS: Have a good summer! by Dedalo-el-Hispano HIATUS: Have a good summer! :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 22 22 ToC. Ch 5: Pg 7 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 5: Pg 7 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 20 15 They'll never change by Dedalo-el-Hispano They'll never change :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 36 19 Quil ref.sheet by Dedalo-el-Hispano Quil ref.sheet :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 18 41 ToC. Ch 5: Pg 6 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 5: Pg 6 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 19 17 Friar Goliath by Dedalo-el-Hispano Friar Goliath :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 32 4 James Fernsby by Dedalo-el-Hispano James Fernsby :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 37 8 Thanks for +100 followers!!! by Dedalo-el-Hispano Thanks for +100 followers!!! :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 23 30 ToC. Ch 5: Pg 5 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 5: Pg 5 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 20 19 ToC. Ch 5: Pg 4 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 5: Pg 4 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 24 51 ToC. Ch 5: Pg 3 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 5: Pg 3 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 21 16 ToC. Ch 5: Pg 2 by Dedalo-el-Hispano ToC. Ch 5: Pg 2 :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 26 6 The Archives #2: More about Tartesians by Dedalo-el-Hispano The Archives #2: More about Tartesians :icondedalo-el-hispano:Dedalo-el-Hispano 14 27


Look, before I begin, let me be honest. I LOVE this page. No, seriously. I love it. And it is not just the page, it is how much talent ...

First, I want to make clear few things: 1) I am not good at English, that’s why I’d like to apologize in advance for any misspellings. ...


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ToC. Ch 6: Pg 2
Next: Next Tuesday 
Cover: dedalo-el-hispano.deviantart.c…


Jarl Eskol, Marowak
Huskarl Leathan O'Donnel, Haxorus


The rebellion starts... and let me tell you, these people really don't take it kindly when they are mad.


Here, have some more violence.

Also, as you may have seen, there's a different font for when the bardureans speak. It's my way to emulate a different language.
So whenever you see the common font, it's casturean. If you see this runic font, it's bardurean.

Also, as you see, these people don't worship Arcaeus. They worship entities like Kyog'er, Grond'har and Rahíquaz-ahk.
"Cualquier parecido con la realidad, es pura coincidencia"

Here, for a bit of immersion:…
I updated the page of this week. Concretely: the panel where a map is shown. I realized that the original panel was rather bland so I added the names of the strongholds and settlements, so now it feels more like an actual map.

Of course, the new info displayed there isn't critical for the story, so you might as well ignore the update... but you may check it out just for immersion.
ToC. Ch 6: Pg 1
Cover: dedalo-el-hispano.deviantart.c…

-A Marowak and an Haxorus. Also the corpses of a Buizel, a Noivern and one of those frogs I don't remember its name.
EDIT: Toxicroak.


Meanwhile, far away from there, a rebellion begins.

The bardureans are tired of the casturean control... it's time to claim back their land.
For Virizion, for Olag, for Eskol.


And we are back! And, as promised, with a bit more of action in the shape of pokemon-with-swords-beheading-other-pokemon-with-swords. WOOO-HOOO!!

I am very happy for getting into this chapter because we are finally getting into the story. As for now all has been to lay the foundations... now it's time to show off.

Also, I think that this is the first time ever in my comic-making career that I get past the introduction.

Who knows? Maybe I'll be able to finish this project.

Here, for a bit of immersion:…

EDIT 2: I updated the map of the first panel: I added some of the names of cities and strongholds. The original panel was pretty bland, but now it feels a bit more like an actual map.


Dedalo-el-Hispano's Profile Picture
I am a random dude who likes comics, medieval and pokemon.
One day I tried to combine these three. The first tries where really bad... but now I think that I have it. A good story, good characters... a simple but effective technique...
Feel free to read it. And tell me what do you think.

------------------------------------------- OKAY, YOUR GALLERY IS A MESS-------------------------------------------
Yah, I know, I know. Here, have some explanation:

First off, there are three comics:
1- Blodekain Legacy.
2- Icarus Paradox.
3- Tales of Castur.

-Blodekain Legacy:
This was a comic that I began to submit many years ago, in an older (yet now canceled) DeviantArt account: "Uryalgreycut". At the end, something bad happened, a bit of crisis and I had to cancel the comic and quit DeviantArt.

The comic got to approximately 57 pages, pages that I'm re-submitting in this profile.

I don't plan to continue this project in any form or way, but I am submitting the pages because I think it can be entertaining for you and a learning experience for me: taking a look at what I did and learn from my rights and wrongs.

-Icarus Paradox:
I began working on this comic two years ago and submitting it here on this same profile.
At the end, I canceled it because the project was too big.

-Tales of Castur:
The project I am currently working on.

-------------------------------------------COOL BUT DO THEY HAVE ANYTHING IN COMMON?-------------------

Now, as you can see, Tales of Castur and Icarus Paradox (and a bit of Blodekain Legacy) share similar characters.
That's true, even though I canceled projects, I wanted to keep some of the characters around.
This doesn't mean that they are connected: James from Blodekain Legacy is no way related to James from Tales of Castur or Icarus Paradox.

As for the canon, they share NO common canon. Blodekain Legacy, Icarus Paradox, and Tales of Castur are different worlds.
Hey! How are you all doing? I hope you are doing well. I wish you luck with whatever you are getting yourselves into (exams? work?)
I usually write short journals... but I hope you'll excuse me for this time:

1- THANKS. First of all, thanks to all of you who are reading my comic. It truly is a joy to know that there are some people that enjoy my work. It doesn't matter wether if you comment too much or never or if you don't favorite or you do so, all that it matters is all the support you are giving to me. And for that, THANKS!

2-HIATUS. Well, more than a Hiatus it's a "well-needed-rest". You see, working with Tales of Castur is amazing... but I have to say that it has been quite exhausting. Also, my summer is filled with other activities and I might not have access to internet or time to draw... which comes quite handy because it will help me to put my mind into other stuff and rest.
So yeah, during this summer, I will be putting Tales of Castur on hold. Let me rest, peasants.
I am also quite sure that Aidan, James, Goliath, Alphonse, Leon, Rachel and Robert will appreciate it.

That doesn't mean that I will be out of deviantArt... just don't be surprised if sometimes it takes me 2 weeks to answer or so.

Next week I'll submit a submissions telling you when my summer officially starts.

3- WHEN I'LL BE BACK? Expect me to be back after August. I can't say exactly when, but you can estimate that I'll get more ToC pages rolling mid-september.

4-AS FOR THE NEXT WEEK: Here's my plan:
    a- Submit two drawings for this medieval collab:  The Medieval Charity Fair Collab CLOSED!**This project is closed! Thanks so much for participating!!**

A project announcement from Charity-Guild
Charity Pokemon collaboration by Guildmaster TommyGK
Everyone is welcome to join! Members and non-members welcome!

I am pleased to announce the launching of a new charity project!!

Here is the last Pokemon collab we did!

Some submissions from the last project:

This time we are making a Medieval themed Pokemon collaboration!
Some examples of what I will accept:
PKMNC - WR - Medieval Duke by tritnPKMNC White Rose Archer by BuizelCreamChespin the knight by PoketixDragon Knight by LazyAmphy

        (Seriously, did somebody think I would miss it? IT'S POKEMON WITH SWORDS, PEOPLE).
    b- Submit something special.
    c- Submit the last pages of the 5th tale of Tales of Castur. You see, the chapter is seven pages long... I have submitted 5 pages... I am in a one page per week schedule... which means that I would submit one page and leave you on hold until september.
So, you know what? I am posting the last pages so you can have a bit of closure.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I am a generous god.
  d- Lastly, submit that deviation I told you about that will mark the start of my well-deserved vacation.

That's all. Now, away with you vile beggars.


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