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I feel bad for disappearing for months, if not YEARS at a time, and thinking I can just slink back and post my sorry excuse for art. It makes me sad that I've strayed so far away from the artist that I once was and always wanted to be, and so, I continue to post what I can when I can. I keep dreaming about pushing myself to work harder at it, and I'm not dead yet, so I will continue to try. I may have gotten a little rusty, however, I'm surprised that my ability keeps, if not, still continues to improve.
I bought new pencils yesterday. I want to make a real attempt at it. And I'm absolutely immersed in the story of Fable 3, so I'm feeling restless until I force myself to sit down and sketch things. I'm going to embrace this, as nothing else in my life makes sense at this time.
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I am back from the dead! Literally!

...ok, not literally. But I am back and it has been pretty dead here. I hope it won't be as long before the next time I post!
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So, what's it been; over a year since I posted anything? I haven't really done anything extravagant in the year 2010, nor do I have a scanner to post anything I have done. But a certain :iconjaydeefaire: showed me step by step how she colored her art and it's inspired me to have another go at it.

I know! All this time and I still can't color my own art!

To be honest, coloring intimidates me. I'm pretty much a perfectionist and if I ever do draw something I like enough to want to color it, I'm afraid I'll ruin it (this goes for pen and paper coloring). Coloring digitally was on a plane of its own. I just didn't even know where to start!

Now I have some ideas. Time to dust off the old tablet and practice. (Ugh, but lining with my coordination is going to suck...)

Practice, practice, practice.

I actually might do some sketching before I turn in for the night.
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Thank you everyone for the llamas! I still don't really get it, but now I'm SUPER LLAMA!

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Dear God, who hacked deviantArt and why did they make all our icons Twilight related? I WANT MY BOOSH BACK, you jerk!

P.S. can I at least be Team Something-not-Jacob?
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I see I've found myself a little niche in the photo-manipulation department. Their subject matters just keep getting worse and worse...

I have one finished up, though I'm waiting until December to post it as I'm pretty sure it's going to be this year's Frostmas card (uh oh, did I actually just say that? Oi vey...), and I have another one on the way.

New fandom, new fan art, and could it be? A fanfic! Yes, chapter one is almost done, and I'll be posting it on I'm still debating on whether or not I'm posting it here, but either way, there will be linkage.

As of tomorrow I'm FINALLY returning back to work (why, yes, it has been a year!) and I'm completely anxious, nervous, and excited, all of which is enough to cause one to explode. Wish me luck, guys!

Oh, and I'm featured on :iconcrimsongypsy1313:'s journal-- SHABLAM!
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You may or may not have noticed my more recent fandom photo-manip. parodies. Now that I once again have photoshop in my life, I've been having a grand old time. Yet I still won't attempt to color anything, so don't make me :/

I'm currently in the process of figuring out how to favorite my own stuff because little Ravenclaw Spock is just the cutest little button I ever did see.

What will I think up next?!
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I've discovered lens flare. And I'm so tempted to use it in everything I do in photoshop now... But that would be illogical!

But I think it's my new guilty pleasure.
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I don't really have much to update. I was just sick of seeing the previous entry. To paraphrase, I got hurt at work, been on disability for the last 3 months, and feeling expendable. I think Gwen was on to something with the whole 'Tragic Kingdom' notion.

Another drawing dry spell. I have a couple unfinished projects. When I'm feeling up to it I'll hook up my PC so I can have access to Flash and other artsy programs again. Not that I did much with them before, but I'd rather not overload my MAC. It's for editing.

Happy New Year.
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As some of you already know, I've recently applied to work at Disneyland as part of their Entertainment Costuming division. Yesterday I went back for my second interview AND I GOT THE JOB!

So basically I'll be in charge of maintainencing the character costumes; making sure they're up to par, reporting any damage, and doing small repairs such as missing buttons and etc. I'll be behind the scenes for the first couple months, but once they feel I'm ready, I'll be helping with the parades and shows.

My first day is May 23rd, so 2 weeks from today. It's really just an orientation, but I'll be getting paid for it. From there I don't know what my days or hours will be. I hope they avoid morning shifts as much as possible. I do not want to be up at 3am! D:

I'm both nervous and excited about this job. But I'm sure I'll enjoy myself. I'm looking forward to being a member of the Disney family :)
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I want to do an art trade or collab or something with someone. Let me know if you're interested!
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So, I want to draw more, but momentarily feeling a lack of inspiration. Here's where you come in.

I'm giving 5 people the opportunity to have me draw for them, FREE OF CHARGE!

As I am doing this for free, how far I wish to go with the picture is up to me. If I choose to hand color it, CGI, ink, whatever, all depends on the mood I'm in when I do it, but, at the very least you will get a sketch from me.

So, just gimme a character description or reference pictures of what you want me to draw :3 I might make a habit of this experiment, but for now...

The Lucky Five Are:
:iconkaoru13: :iconjukesette:
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So I many not be arting as often as I'd like, but I've definitely been pushing my boundaries as of late...

I decided to start a comic. Nothing big and I'm not putting much importance in getting it done by a deadline. I don't even know if I'll post it. I think it's more just for me and my own enjoyment. Maybe as something to do to relax, which is something I'll be very much in need of soon @_@;
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Yeah, I totally don't update this, like, EVER! It's kind of hard to come up with stuff to say when you already have a livejournal and a myspace, which are more geared toward blogging. And I don't art enough to have much to say on that subject. And I'm sure you're all tired of hearing me say "I'll do this soon!" "I'll get that done!" and never do it. Just taking it as it comes. But I have hope.

I will say, recent deviations aside, I have a lot of new submissions of OLD art (we're talking a few years here) in Scraps, if you care to take a look. I never thought to post them before, as they were old news and they were up on my website, but as I've nixed the site, they were just sitting on my hard drive, collecting... whatever it is virtual stuff collects over time O_o

Hopefully more new works to come. I don't promise anything as I have a lot of other things going on in my life that take priority. Enjoy it while it lasts :)
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Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all got you were hoping for :)
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Happy Halloween :heart:
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I was tagged by :iconstrugglingartist:


1.Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
Draco, Cedric, and Fleur

2.What is your favorite Harry Potter book?
Half-Blood Prince

3.What Harry Potter character do you dislike most?
Umbridge, first and foremost. Cornelius Fudge, Voldemort.

4.What Hogwarts House would you like to be placed in?

5. What Hogwarts House WOULD the Sorting Hat place you in, really?
I've taken many quizzes and the majority of them put me in Ravenclaw. The first Sorting Hat quiz I ever took put me in Ravenclaw and that's why I liked it in the first place.

6.What is your favorite magical creature?
Mermaids (or sirens)

7.What magical creature would you like to have for a pet?
a cat :P

8.What would your favorite Hogwarts class be?
All of them :P

9.Who would be your favorite Hogwarts teacher?
I think Professor Lupin, and possibly Professor McGonnagall

10.What would your favorite magical potion be?
Amortentia and the Beautifying Potion :P

11.What kind of magic wand would you have?
Right now it's Mahogany with a unicorn hair in it. I'm thinking about getting a new one though.

12.What is your favorite store in Diagon Alley?
Weasley's Wizard Wheezes Shop ^-^;

13. What is your favorite store in Hogsmeade?
Honeydukes :3

14.What is your favorite Honeydukes candy?
Chocolate Frog (I'm boring :P But I get a cool card!)

15. What is your favorite Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean flavor?
I don't particularly care for beans :

16.What kind of magical career would you have after leaving Hogwarts?
A member of the Order, a Hogwarts Professor *shrugs*

17.What is your favourite Quidditch team?
Quiberon Quafflepunchers and Holyhead Harpies

18.If you could be on a Quidditch Team, what team would it be and what broom would you fly?
Refer to either team above, and I would probably have a Nimbus 2001.

19.What is your favourite magical spell?
Expecto Patronum

20. What do you think you would score on your OWL Exam?
O's and E's.
I'm back!
Wanna know how AX was? Check out my LJ:…
We're having a garage sale this weekend. I've been going through my stuff when I happened by an old portfolio of mine from when I was in Animation. I've posted my favorites, but I'll eventually post the rest in scraps.
I've decided that Im' actually going to cosplay next year so maybe you'll see more sewing on here too. We'll see ;)
I won't be around 'til the 4th.
Anime Expo :P
I will miss you all, but not too much :)