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painted smile by decovamp painted smile by decovamp
new oc! her name is xiu leong.. she smiles a lot! not that she has a choice. there's a chelsea grin hidden under that mask.
she's a big fan of alice in wonderland! the cheshire cat is her favourite.

name: xiu leong
nickname(s): xi, cheshire, cheshie
age: 18
gender: trans girl
pronouns: she/her
orientation: lesbian
species: demon (specific type/ranking unknown)
race: mixed malaysian / chinese
birthdate: september 23
height: 5'9
theme song: "mad hatter" - melanie martinez (i hate the ~*psycho aesthetic*~ meaning in this song but the tune is catchy and honestly the theme is right up xiu's alley I'M SORRY)

occupation: unemployed -- possibly a college freshman with a major in cosmetology. cult leader.
weapon(s): baseball bat
alignment: chaotic neutral
physical deformities: glasgow smile / chelsea grin -- cause unknown
mental disabilities: psychotic disorder not-otherwise-specified (pdnos), grapheme-colour synesthesia

personality: childish, naive, occassionally violent. her "mental age" can often regress due to trauma endured as a child -- this causes her to be very immature and think of many things as a game. she laughs quite a bit and often tells others to smile.
likes: alice in wonderland (especially the cheshire cat), "harajuku" and pastel goth fashion, playing baseball, makeup (she has a killer winged liner), hair styling, plushies
dislikes: any sort of emotion that feels negative to her, denim jeans, the colour green, storms
fears/phobias: basements

favourite food: cupcakes, donuts
favourite colour: pink and yellow
favourite music genre: indie

friends: tien, psyche, levy, yuurei
rivals: n/a

art and xiu are mine; inspiration for speech bubble and lineart style from @/tearzahs
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September 23, 2016
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