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Hello everyone! I have just updated the first picture that I uploaded in DeviantArt more than a year ago and I had thought to make something for Super Smash Bros. Series, Nintendo and Videogames fans. That is, something that you can take part. So, I have decided to open this contest for Top 10 Super Smash Bros. Newcomers and Oldcomers! That´s right! In this journal you can post your favourite characters for Super Smash Bros. sequel! And the good thing of all of this is that the most popular characters will be the chosen for an exclusive drawing as a prize for your participation! :D

There are only two rules for this contest:

1) Your characters must have appeared in any Nintendo´s consoles.

2) Your characters have to be videogame characters (No films, manga,etc)

If you want to check Nintendo Characters, just take a look to my Super Smash Bros. pictures :) I´ll update them with more newcomers soon:

-Super Smash Bros. Stars:…

-Super Smash Bros. Stars 2:…

-Super Smash Bros. Stars 3:…

-Super Smash Bros. Stars 4:…

I´ll show you an example of how to vote your characters:

(The tenth is your least favourite and the first your most´s one, ok?)

Top 10 Decote´s Newcomers :  

10) Isaac (Golden Sun)-1 point
9) Jill (Drill Dozer)-2 points
8) Ryu (Street Fighter)-3 points
7)Takamaru (Nazo no Musarame-jo)-4 points
6) Deoxys (Pokémon Ruby & Saphire)-5 points
5) Banjo & Kazooie (Banjo & Kazooie Series...yeah it isn´t gonna happen, but who cares)-6 points
4) Young Link (The Legend of Zelda Series)-7 points
3) Mewtwo (Pokémon Red & Blue)-8 points
2) Masked Man (Mother 3)-10 points
1) Geno (Super Mario RPG)-12 points

Decote´s Oldcomers Top 10:

10) Samus Aran (Metroid Series)-1 point
9) Princess Zelda (The Legend of Zelda Series)-2 points
8) Ness (Mother 2/Earthbound)-3 points
7) Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog Series)-4 points
6) Lucario (Pokémon Diamond & Pearl)-5 points
5) Sheik (The Legend of Zelda Series)-6 points
4) Captain Falcon (F-Zero Series)-7 points
3) Fox McCloud (Starfox Series)-8 points
2) Falco Lombardi (Starfox Series)-10 points
1) Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda Series)-12 points

Update: Ok everyone, it´s my fault to have not clarified the vote system with the points, I just forgot it, sorry -.- U. Anyway, I´ll ask you to all of you if I would have any doubt. Ah! And you can just make one of the lists or a "mixture" one if you do not know so much characters.

So, that´s all folks! You can vote until 3/31/2010. That´s pretty much time for vote! :D . Good luck for everyone! Don´t doubt to ask me anything :)
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Mine Are:


10.Bomber Man (Bomber Man Series)
9.Mallow (Super Mario Series)
8.Mii (Nintendo/Wii Series)
7.Mr. L (Paper Mario Series)
6.Black Shadow (F-Zero Series)
5.Onslaught (X-Men/MvC Series)
4.Scourge The Hedgehog (Sonic The Hedgehog Series)
3.Galacta Knight (Kirby Series)
2.Klonoa (Klonoa Series)
1.Masked Man (EarthBound/MOTHER Series)


9.Sonic The Hedgehog
8.Toon Link
5.Wolf O' Donnel
1.Mah Boi Link
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1. Shadow the Hedgehog
2. Link
4. Kirby
5. Proffesor Oak
6. Mario
7. Luigi
8. Sonic
9. Tails
10. Rouge

Thats mine :D
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ok, voy a poner todos los que me gustan... a ver que sale...

1 Megaman
2 Link
3 Mario
4 Luigi
5 Geno
6 Falco Lombardi
7 Fox Mcloud
8 Bowser
9 Ganondorf
10 Terra (de FF3/6 para snes)
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ehm, mejor cambio a Terra por Samus (Terra me cae bastante, pero tal vez no entre aca xD)
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¡Muy bien! :D ¡Gracias por votar! ¡Añádeme al Watch para estar atenta al resultado de la votación y por si te toca el premio! ¡Hasta otra!
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1. Link (adoult)
2: tp Link
3. Young Link
4. toon Link
5. samus
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Alright! Thanks for voting! :D Watch me if you wanna know the updates of the contest. Good luck! :)
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Hey, did I give you a list of Newcomers and Veterans already?
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8.Captin Falcon
6.Princess Zelda

Real men belive in Jesus
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Alright! Thanks for voting! Watch me if you wanna see my next Super Smash Bros. pictures! I´ll note you to give you your prize. See ya!
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okay <3

Real men belive in Jesus
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Oldcomer: Mr.Game and Watch.
Newcomer: Sparkster (rocket knight adventures).
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Si eres tan amable...¿;podrías poner al menos diez personajes? ^_^ U Da igual que sean mixtos (nuevos y antiguos), pero que al menos sean diez.
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Ok. Aca voy de nuevo.

1. Mr. Game and Watch.
2. Dk Kong.
3. Ice Climbers.
4. Link.
5. Samus.
6. Dedede.
7. Pokemon Trainer.
8. Wario.
9. Mario.
10. Kirby.

1. Sparkster. (Rocket knight Adventures)
2. Mii.
3. Pokemon Rival.
4. Fulgore. (Killer Instinkt)
5. Megaman.
6. Earth Worm Jim.
7. Capitan N (no es de un juego pero ROB tampoco...)
8. Little Mac (Punch Out!!)
9. Crash Bandicoot.
10. Riu (Street Fighters)
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¡;Perfecto! :D ¡Gracias por tomarte la molestia! Añádeme en el watch si quieres saber las próximas novedades. De todos modos te mandaré un mensaje si resultas ganador del sorteo. ¡Hasta otra!
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Genial! muchas gracias :)
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Ok ok ok...

*HylianWolfLink's Newcomers:

1) Amaterasu - (Okami) Never gonna happen :XD:
2) Midna - (LoZ: Twilight Princess)
3) Shiranui - (Okami)
4) Wolf Link - (Loz: Twilight Princess)
5) Epona(teehee! :giggle: ) - (Loz)
6) Fierce Deity Link - (Loz: Majora's Mask)
7) Majora - (LoZ: Majora's Mask)
8) Bellum - (LoZ: Phantom Hourglass)
9) Oki - (Okami)
10) Zant - (Loz: Twilight Princess

________________________________________ ___

*HylianWolfLink's Veterans:

1) Link - (LoZ)
2) Young Link - (LoZ)
3) Princess Zelda/Sheik - (LoZ)
4) Ganondorf - (LoZ)
5) Yoshi - (Super Mario Bros.)
6) Wolf - (Star Fox)
7) Ike - (Fire Emblem)
8) Marth - (Fire Emblem)
9) Kirby - (Kirby)
10) Princess Peach - (Super Mario Bros.)

I think I did it right....? Haha can you tell I'm a Zelda fan? :love:
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You did it alright! :D Haha Yeah, I see you are a true Zelda fan. Did you see my Zelda picture? Anyway, thanks for voting! Watch me if you wanna see my next Super Smash Bros. pictures! I´ll note you to give you your prize. See ya!
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I did see! Haha will do :D
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Newcomers :

6) Megaman (Megaman Series)
5) Deoxys (Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire) - Either Mewtwo or him!
4) Shy Guy (Mario Series) - I doubt so...
3) Mewtwo (Pokémon Red & Blue)
2) Masked Man (Mother 3)
1) Geno (Super Mario RPG) - I doubt so too.

I could only think of six! :la:

Oldcomers Top 10:

10) Ganondorf (Zelda Series)
9) Princess Zelda (The Legend of Zelda Series)
8) Ness (Mother 2/Earthbound) - This time Final Smash being PK Rockin'!
7) Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog Series)
6) Lucario (Pokémon Diamond & Pearl)
5) Lucas (Mother 3) - Final Smash being PK Love!
4) Captain Falcon (F-Zero Series)
3) Fox McCloud (Starfox Series)
2) Toon Link (Zelda Series)
1) Meta Knight (Kirby Series)
And Shroob as Assist Trophy! :iconyeyplz:
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Alright! Thanks for voting! Watch me if you wanna see my next Super Smash Bros. pictures! I´ll note you to give you your prize. See ya!
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