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Super Smash Bros. Stars DX



Hello everyone! This is my first fan-art here and as you can see I love Smash Bros. So, I considered to start my gallery with something related with this series.

This is a sort of dreamed roster for the sequel of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Which of these characters do you like the most for next Super Smash Bros.? :D Check the other Super Smash Bros. Stars drawings for your Newcomers and Oldcomers Top 10! :) The most popular characters will be the chosen for an exclusive drawing as a prize for your participation! Check the rules in my journal : [link]

Line 1: Geno (Super Mario RPG), Megaman (Megaman Series),Bowser (Super Mario Bros.), NiGTHS (NiGHTS:Journey of Dreams), Mallow (Super Mario RPG)

Line 2: Barbara the Bat (Jam with the Band!),Yoshi (Super Mario World), Mario (Super Mario Bros. Series), Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros.) Ryuta (Osu! TaTake Ouendan!)

Line 3: Waluigi (Mario Tennis 64), Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog), Luigi (Super Mario Bros.), Ryu (Street Fighter II), Wario (Wario Ware Inc.)
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Hey Decote, this is before smash and ryu was in there. :D