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Knight VS Dragon part II

Knights of the medieval era were asked to “protect the weak, defenseless, helpless, and fight for the general welfare of all”. In the classic children books the knight is wearing heavy armour, with an enlarged shield and enclosed helmets. In the battles the knight fought to save the kingdom from the terrible dragon and win the hand of the princess.

Craig Knight was not wearing any armour, he was not equipped with any weapons nor did he hold a shield in his hands. His ways were not always the most honorable ones and even if it often were a ‘princess’ waiting for him in the end it was not for her sake he went on these ‘quests’. It was solely for him and for the fame and fortune. If someone offered help he took it but he rarely offered any himself – unless he too would benefit from it. The only welfare he cared about was his own.

The dragon in front of him was not in scales, fire breathing, or have batlike wings. It was covered in a soft brown fur. The rumor said the stallion ate people and or any companion animal they had put in his stall, just like the most vicious dragon. It wasn’t true, he didn’t really eat them, but it was not that far from the truth. The last goat, poor thing, hadn’t lasted longer than two minutes and had never stood a chance. To be able to clean his ‘lair’ you had to be at least three people. Two that kept him at a safe distance from the third, while the third one had to be faster than the light to scoop the poop up.

AK’s owner had hopes of the stallion getting famous. A famous stallion meant money in the bank both from earnings from the track and then from the breeding shed. That the horse was dangerous wasn’t his problem. He paid for the horse, its training and if anyone complained, he fired them. That was the only thing that kept people there, AKs owners name and money, the chance of fame and fortune. He was like a modern day feudal lord. AK’s luck was that when he finally got onto the track, when he finally got a rider on his back that wasn’t afraid, he ran like a champion. The famous ancestor’s blood ran true in him and even at a young age even one outside the business could see this horse would go far. That was of course…if he had a rider. The last one had been bucked off when the horse finally came to the track. Some horses would bolt, start running even without a rider, others would stand somewhat calm and wait for the rider to get back up. Not AK. His eyes seemed to transform to the ones of a mad man and like the rider was a bug to be crushed the horse went for him. It was only thanks to quick reflexes and the rail the rider made it. Somehow the horse had two wins under his belt but it hadnt been thanks to the riders. The beast had taken the reins and ran his own race. The person on his back he hadnt cared about.

Both man and horse stared at eachother. Craig hadn’t really had to do much to get this ride. The horse didn’t exactly have his dance card full. The man laughed to himself over his joke. While Manny was a honest horse he was content it seemed with what he was doing. Sure the horse had a little glow in his heart, he wanted to win but it was nothing compared to the active volcano inside this beasts breast. For a few days now the man had come visiting the horse. Each day played out the same. With a scream from hell the horse attacked the bars and the door that got more and more marks. The man watched the horse doing it to more people than him. After awhile a smile started to show on his lips.

To take this dragon down you wouldn’t need strength. It would take brains. And brains Craig Knight had. Everybody had told him so ever since he was a little lad. After all, what could you put up against an animal many times larger and heavier than you? Raise your voice and scold him or swat him on the shoulder like you could do with a ‘normal’ horse? That sort of thing would only piss the dragon off that was for sure. No, to slay this dragon he had to use the noggin. The man saw what most had missed, even if it was so obvious. AK liked to see people get scared. It was probably something he started with as a colt and no one had corrected him. Perhaps some of the craziness that was flowing in his blood was from his ancestors as well as the talent. With that craziness the horse also had something many blue bloods had – vanity. The horse wanted people to admire him as well as be afraid of him.

So with a mirror as his shield, just like a knight of the medieval era Craig Knight entered the lair of Assassin’s Kiss. The next day he rode the horse; even if it wasn’t an impressive ride he was at least alive afterwards. The power that had flown up the reins into his hands, the burst of speed when he asked for it had almost knocked him out of the saddle, all this from a horse that hadn’t much training.

The eyes of the dark horse seemed to glow as they came back from the track and if he could he would have cackled like an evil villain. The world was his to take over. Nothing would be able to stop him. Not even these pesky twolegged minions. Then he spotted the big mirror they had put up in his stall and he nickered affectionately to his reflection.

Name: Assasin's Kiss
Barn Name: Sin, AK
Breed: Thoroughbred
Gender: Stallion
Colour: Sealbay
Genotype: Ee/Aa
Markings: star, socks both hindfeet
Sire: Dynaformer (Roberto x Andover Way, His Majesty)
Dam: Tainted Halo (Halo x Alluring View, Alleged)
Breeder: Real
Raceresult: 6 (2-1-1) $40,750 Multi-Alw wnr

What? a doodle? no horse...or person...what-d-heck!? with it ;) if TJ could draw panties I can make a least there werent any weiners and taxes ;)

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Lol I love the picture. Very intersting, definatly up my alley XDDD

And the story...your gonna make me fall in love with Craig.
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HEY. Why you go and blame me, eh??

(This amused me so much.)
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hehe...blame? me? I just said that you could draw panties ;) Is that a lie? *GASP* TJ...was...was it was BOXERS in DISGUISE!!!!! OMIGAWD! ;)
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*snicker* I bet it was Dawsons! ;) heheh...he...nomnom...altho you forgot the sparkles ;)
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I did, I did. Pity.
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tell him Svea can make him some snazzy color
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Brilliant!! really just brilliant!
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:) you're welcome!
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