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Meanwhile, in Slenderman's forest...

:damphyr: What happens when Jeff the killer decides to take a stroll through Slenderman's forest. keke. I've been itching to draw a semi-pervy picture of Jeff since my first doodle, so .. yeah o3o Jeff + Slenderman's tentical.. things = *-* I hope y'all don't mind the strange bishie style that I drew him in LOL I'm starting to realize how different my 'jeff' looks from the other 'jeffs'.... but ya know >3< I just find when I draw him with long hair, he looks like a girl QwQ I must practice

:damphyr: Jeff is definitely my favorite creepy-pasta character, and I hope to draw him much more in the future xD

Anyway, I hope you enjoy~ And Critiques are welcome on how I can improve~! QwQ

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~Heart Decora-Chan Rose 

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