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Digimon AU Lineup

:damphyr: UM ok so... some explanation is needed.  I have this like ... Digimon AU headcanon that I like worked really hard on in my personal time.  I've never really fully explained it to anybody, and none of my friends are really that much into Digimon but regardless, it's a lil something that I was really working on.  I'm not going to do anything with this AU honestly LOL I just wanted my vast Digimon knowledge to go somewhere.

So here is my lineup of the characters I chose, the crests I put them with, and a little explanation with the characters relationships with their Digimon.  After this, my plan is to do a single illustration for each character, showing a little 'screencap' almost from their episode.  Like in the Digimon series each character gets an episode where they get the courage to improve, and their character development gives their Digimon the ability to digivolve, or even just the power to get over certain situations. So I hope to focus in on one of their 'episodes', which will outline a lot of the main scenes from my headcanons lol.

:bulletblack: Crest of Reliability -  Nathanael  - BlackAgumon

Nathanael is a quiet man, who is introverted and doesn't have many close friends.  Even if he doesn't know you very well though, he will go to great lengths to make sure that you are alright.  He has the crest of Reliability since throughout my canon stories of him, he is def the most reliable, even though he's been betrayed much before in his past.  His Blackagumon is similar to the Agumon that Tai is paired with.  He's very positive and tries to keep the group together.  Nathanael def becomes a leader of the group, less because he takes that position by choice, more like ... the group pushes him to make the decisions since he's the one that they trust the most. Blackagumon will be there to advise him every step of the way through.

:bulletblue: Crest of Friendship - Dylan - Otamamon

Originally, I imagined that Dylan wouldn't have a partner, and instead partake in the Spirit Evolution of the later show series (I might still concept a digi-version of Dylan one day).   I just think it suits him?? I wanna see Dylan in that amazing transformation sequence. But for the sake of adding him to my lineup (Nobody else can hold the Crest of Friendship other than Dylan LOL) Dylan is very outgoing and has been known to be uh... friendly.  So I think he's going to take the digital world like an adventure, even if everybody else is trying to take their near-death experiences seriously.  Otamamon isn't much better. He's a little jokester and his playful attitude seems to be the worst influence on Dylan as the two of them chuckle away about little pranks they do.

:bulletwhite: Crest of Light - Clover - Floramon

Clover is a quiet transgirl who is not very confident in herself.  Her Digimon partner, Floramon, begs to differ, thinking that Clover is a princess with how regal she is! Floramon doesn't really have any self esteem issues, she knows she's a beautiful flower, and as a beautiful Digimon, she wants Clover to know what a beautiful flower she is too. Floramon will not have anybody talking mean things about Clover, and only treating her tamer with the respect she deserves.

:bulletpurple: Crest of Knowledge  -  Bayard  - Hagurumon

Bayard IS the crest of Knowledge LOLOL There's nobody else who would suit this crest out of all of my OC's than Bay, with his vast knowledge and interest in studying the supernatural.  I'm sure Bay is the MOST excited to be in the digital world. He would have a million questions for Hagurumon, most of which his Digimon partner would have no idea how to answer.  Why is the digital world here? Who knows.  Where did I come from? I have no clue!
Bayard would be taking as many notes as he could and being in complete awe about all the strange things that he sees on File Island.  Nobody believed him about his supernatural experiences before, he's going to make sure that everybody believes him now.

:bulletgreen: Crest of Sincerity  -  Cole - Penguinmon

Penguinmon is confused.  Why is her... tamer covered in fur? Like her, he is also prepared for the cold weather in Freezeland with his fur covered in a thick sweater. She can tell that Cole is a nice human, who is very carefree, but sometimes Penguinmon can't catch some things he says since he speaks so quickly and with such a heavy accent!  This makes her a bit nervous to interact with him sometimes, as she feels a bit embarrassed that he has to repeat himself.  Penguinmon is very proper herself, and a bit of a worried girl, so Cole will hopefully make her learn to have some more fun, while Penguinmon will teach Cole to maybe take stuff a bit more seriously.  Plus they will have lots of fun snow adventures in the Freezeland arc of the show, ya know LOL

:bulletred: Crest of Love - Mags - Tapirmon

No doubt about it, Mags needs to have the crest of Love.  At first, this probably comes as no surprise to her.  She's FULL of love, WAY too much love.   Her crest starts to really show its power not at the first though, but after Mags starts to learn to love herself, instead of focusing her energy elsewhere.  Mags will be one of the last to have her Digimon digivolve, and go through a bit of hardship about her identity.  But she'll get through it, with the calming help of her Digimon, Tapirmon.  Tapirmon is more than excited to be friends with his wonderful tamer, even if all she seems to talk about is boys.  Tampirmon and Mags will have a sort of mother-son relationship though.  Tampirmon definitely tries to act like he's older, but he can be swayed with peer pressure into doing some trouble haha.

:bulletyellow: Crest of Hope - Josh - Elecmon

Josh is a bit ... uptight.  A bit mean.  Elecmon can't quite understand why Josh will suddenly say mean things to the other Digimon, or the tamers.  They are all supposed to be friends right? Josh is a nice guy, but as soon as somebody starts trying to get close to him, Josh shuts down and pushes them away with mean comments.  Even towards Elecmon! Elecmon isn't the brightest electric Digimon there is, but he knows that being mean isn't good, and hopes that he can get to the bottom of why Josh feels the need to be like this.  Elecmon knows that deep down Josh is a nice guy.   It's just figuring out how to make him feel better, however long that might take.

:bulletorange: Crest of Courage - Zane - Candlemon

Zane is very ... blunt.   Extremely blunt.  He says whatever is on his mind whenever it happens, and the amount of accidental hurt that he gives to others immediately startles his digimon, Candlemon.  At first, Candlemon thinks that the partner he got paired up with is mean! but he quickly realizes that he is wrong in assuming that.   Zane isn't mean he just... doesn't have much of a filter.  After spending more time together, Candlemon quickly learned the other side of Zane; the simple boy who is very nervous about this new environment that he was thrown into.  Zane doesn't leave his routine very often, and now he's away from home for god knows how long, with so many logical questions with illogical answers, and a world that is full of danger and mystery.

:bulletpink: Crest of Kindness  - Bolt - Tsukaimon

One thing that is known right off the bat about Bolt; he's a snake.  He attempts to become the leader of the group, but this was refused by the group, who instead wanted Nathanael to lead.  After multiple spats between him and the other members, Bolt decided that he wasn't on the same level as the rest of them, and him and his digimon, Tsukaimon, left the group midseason.  Bolt is hoping to fing a way out of the digimon world himself, thinking that everybody else would just slow him down. He'll eventually have to reconnect with members though, after some from the main group also get separated. Tsukaimon will be the last to digivolve, as it takes Bolt a very long time to come to terms with everybody and to start thinking about somebody other than himself.  It'll be a very climatic scene when he finally does something for somebody else ;)
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What are the evo lines?

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omg thank you! Are you going to make more of these?

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Absolutely brilliant! (Wish that there were more than two girls, but, that's just me being me). I love the stories, and the diversity (Clover's story, for example) and also how modern they all look!
Decora-Chan's avatar
Thank you! I sorta wish there was more girls too !! I guess I didn't relate as many of my characters to crests haha, since that's how I chose them, didn't really think about the gender gap until after I was done aha

And thank you B) I'm glad you like the modern touch <3 I drew Clover with her Digivolved Floramon too <3

Clover and Ceresmon by Decora-Chan
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This is so awesome! It is really cool to see these guys as teenagers (or young adults?) with their Digimon partners traveling in the Digital World and find their way back to the Real World. 😃
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Bayard totally reminds me of Dib from Invader Zim.
I'm so in love with Clover I can't even deal with it! I can relate so well to her and her story, not that I'm trans but still. Also, her partner is my favourite digimon of all time! I would like to see more of the two of them <3 
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omg thank you! <3 I really should take some time and draw some pics of these characters with their digimon it's been so long since I started thinking up this AU and then I just kinda put it on the shelf to collect dust.  I wanted to draw everybody individually with their digimon partner! I'll put it on my to do list hopefully I can do it up soon!! I am getting an itch to draw something different and digimon is something i don't draw very often at all B)

I do have regular art of Clover in her actual canon rather than this AU if you haven't already lurked her toyhouse.…
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I have included this amazing artwork in the new feature for June-July 2018 on the front of the :icondigitaldelights: journal. Please :+fav: the journal so that more members may see your art, and thank you for being a member.:heart:
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My favorite thing about this is that my name is Cole?? And my fav rookie is Penguinmon?? And my friends have been trying to convince me my crest would be sincerity??
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This is great, I'm in love with your babies and seeing them with some cool digimon! ♥
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Thank you so much!!! It''ll be exciting to draw some champion and ultimate forms when this project continues!!
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This is so awesome! I love digimon way more than pokemon and it's so nice to see characters AU or fancharacters with them!! I love how you connected them so well too! 
Decora-Chan's avatar
WOW THANKS BB <3  I LOVE digimon so much, it's fun to have a reason to pour my interests into a project like this hahaha~ Thank you so much for your compliments!
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You're welcome!! It honestly inspires me to draw it with my mains too!
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Yeeee! It certainly does! I remember as a kid I made one named lobomon and some fox one that looked like kyubimon kinda. And then later there was a lobomon lmfao . The irony
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This is AWESOME! i love digimon! and i'm pretty sure there is a new one?
or maybe a remake i douno XD
Decora-Chan's avatar
MMM yes they do have one on the go.  Two new games came out in the past year or so too so that 's nice too!! Digimon is making an official comeback haha
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Awesome i knew there was a new anime but i hadn't heard of the new games yetXD
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Ya know I'm not really a digimon fan, but I think you did truly magnificent work here!
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