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*** UPDATE: NOW INCLUDED: 512x512! ***

Leopard X&Y - 2 Leopard Icon Sets

Leopard X&Y contains two icon sets - X is colored in black with a white top, Y is colored in white with a black top (see preview). It's your choice.

The icon sets were created for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).
Each contains 19 folder icons in both .icns- and .png-format (128x128 and 512x512 px).

Every folder icon (such as applications, music, movies etc.) will be replaced by adding these icons to your system.

Please read the included Readme for installation tipps.

Comments are appreciated!
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Great icons ^^
InspirationFuse's avatar
This awesome design was featured on![link]
AreoX's avatar
You sir, are amazing.
jfender24's avatar
Thanks, I used your icon here.... [link]

damato019's avatar
Score! haha Thank you. (:
EnzoFX's avatar
They are great work, <3 them
mrwonderr's avatar
Amazing icons, but it's really hard to read what's on the folders, especially at a small size. Keep up the good work though, it's amazing.
joshladella005's avatar
great using the predominantly black ones...

however, its kinda tough to see the picture of the it possible that you could make an XY pack with black folders and a white pic or something?
designaddicted's avatar
Thanks mate! Amazingly done! =)
I stumbledupon your icon set, and I am glad I found it. These folders are beautiful!

Great work. I'm jealous. :p Thanks for sharing these.
Awesome! I like it!
UVPhotography's avatar
Very Beautiful sets. Thanks for sharing!
Steeply's avatar
i like em, but it would be nice of you could make 16x16 sidebar images (as default leo folders have) as well. because this in sidebar looks as just generic 16x16 folders
PEPEi's avatar
Featured at [link]
Remastered Treasure!
Schnurr's avatar
I was hoping for 512x512 for leopard :(
DecompositionBeauty's avatar
I'm working on it and will update all icons soon, promised. ^^
Great news! :D

Can't wait to see 512x512, thanks dude!!
DecompositionBeauty's avatar
It has now been updated. ^^
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I saw your earlier versions elsewhere and I think you've really honed and polished these icons beautifully.

Great work.
DecompositionBeauty's avatar
Thanks, that means a lot.
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