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Firefox 3 Mac Icon

Firefox 3 Mac Icon

512 x 512
128 x 128

Comments are much appreciated!
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Awesomeness ^^
Just added it to my icon-changing spree. It looks great! 8D
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nice icon ;) rly like it :)
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haha, great icon, fusinfun! I had to feature it on! [link] Hope it brings you some extra visitors!
koollllll awesome..
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-> To the Windows users:
You can also convert the .png files to .ico files (Windows icon file format) with an add-on for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or Paint.NET...
You can find lots of free .ico add-ons for these applications on Google...

This icon is more beautiful than the default icon!
Very good work! :)
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Wow, beauiful icon mate =D
Many thanks ^_^
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sweet icon how do i use it though?
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This is the best FF icon I've seen so far. Thanks alot :)
love this , using it :)
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This is the best icon for FF. Thx!
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I still think mixing them was a bad idea... should use the :awesome: face or something
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Featured in this news article: [link]
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Great! One of the best ever, I am using it!
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Great icon ! Very creative :D
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To the windows user: If your using .png files will always work. So yes this icon will work for you. . . not just the mac users.
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Very nice! I love it! *grin*
doesnt work. zip files don't work in linux or maybe its me. how to get it on dock ? a documentation would have been nice. looks cool in screenshot though
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It's for mac actually. Since I'm not a linux user, I can't really help you with your problem, sorry.
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