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I was planning on doing one of those Tumblr Ask <Pony> questionnaires but...all the good ponies are taken. Sometimes multiple times. Even the side ponies. So, I thought about doing something a little different.

One of the toys I sell at my day job is MLP. But I only had a bad Cherilee, and Lily Blossom. I found myself just asking 'Who the HELL is Lily Blossom?'. Why are they wasting precious plastic on some pony that never even showed up in the show? Who would buy it?

All these questions really got me thinking, so I came up with my own backstory. Why not? Who's gonna correct me?

This is gonna be dark. Not 'Cupcakes' dark, but...well, just keep watching for details.

Lily Blossom © Hasbro
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Aww! This is so cute!