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TToA-One Breath


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TToA-One Breath


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Took A Hit

Transformers All

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Daddy Knock Out

Transformers Favorites

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TFP: Knockout and Miko

Transformers Humans

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TFP: Escapism - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Static  Knock Out lay on his berth, an arm flung to the opposite side. He knew that if he could focus hard enough, he would be able to sense Breakdown’s presence… his warmth… his scent…  Why did he leave?  The red mech’s spark still ached agonisingly since the day his love disappeared and it had refused to fade away. None of those lazy, pathetic Vehicons were being any help, instead just wasting time, time that could have easily been used to find Breakdown at the snap of his fingers…  Where was he? WHERE WAS HE?  Knock Out had recorded so many messages in the hopes that Breakdown would p

Knockout and Breakdown

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Just Felix

Red vs Blue

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Mirayculous Ladybug au short comic 1

Achievement Hunter Let's Play Rooster Teeth

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The Gem In Black

Welcome to Nightvale

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Cosmo Cutiemark HD

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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You wouldn't believe it, Mum..

Doctor Who

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Doctor n' Lyra - Three Years Anniversary Give Away

Doctor Whooves

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Pocket John Halloween

I Am Sherlocked

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It wasn't worth it...


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Tiny Smooches

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Garden Tea Party-WIP

Hetalia Stuff

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Dreamtalia Screenshot - Paranoia

Hetalia Games

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Unexpected - Chapter Two

Jeff was awoken by a little girl calling out for mommy. He grabbed the hilt of his knife in his pocket and sat up in the tree, looking around for the source of the sound. He crouched on the branch he was sitting on as he saw a little girl with a doll in her arms running through the forest, limping on her left leg. She slowly down until she stopped, looking around in fear, the top of the doll's head hiding the bottom half of her face. She mumbled into the doll's hair for her mommy, Jeff merely watching with his head tilted curiously at the girl. She was very young, her overalls covered in blood that obviously wasn't hers. From her mother perha

Slenderman and creepypasta

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Young Jeremy Blaire


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Real Steel

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NCIS and Bones

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Joey and Mai


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Percy Jackson The Riders of Berk

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Got a Secret

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Team Battle

Teenge Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Chell And Wheatley stuff

Portal and Portal 2

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Masquerade: A 'Pacific Rim: New Chance' Story

  Masquerade She snuck forwards into the room…her target was working at his desk, back towards her. She pounced forwards… "I vant to suck your blood!" she yelled, baring the fake fangs as she descended. Suddenly, her target whipped around…wearing a terrifying mask, complete with rotted flesh and nails sticking through its face. He gave a frightening roar and she shrieked, throwing herself out of the way only to get tackled by her target. He started laughing as he took off the mask. "Happy Halloween, Gips," Raleigh beamed. Gipsy Danger held a hand to her heart as she glared at her Pilot. "That was not funny,

Pacific Rim

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Kenny McCormick

South Park

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GiroNatsu comic page 24

Sgt. Frog

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The United States of Zombieland

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Knockout Wedding Dress


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Random Comics are Random

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Playful bite

Transformers X

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