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Half-life 2 Beta - the Consul

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he is my deadly archenemy (i'm dead serious, I hate him with all my being and my soul when my blood grass)
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Well that feel a lot like Star Wars
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Если бы игра вышла такой как и должна была быть то это было бы в разы лучше и интересней.
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Now this reminds of a certain mod I know...

Breen: What the shit?! Why am I alive again and back in the beta version of the Citadel?
Gordon: ...
Breen: GORDON FREAKMAN?!?! How dare you put us in the beta version of the Citidle! That's it, you are groundedgroundedgroundedgrounded for one hundred forty six trillion ninety two thousand three hundred and five years!!!
Gordon: = (
Sadly, according to the former lead writer of the Half Life, Consul was never a proper character in the early days of Half Life 2. Like many other things, he was just a "placeholder character", until Valve writers got around to write more detailed storyline for him, after which he was turned into Dr. Breen.
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