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Dying Souls - Mind Control

The most difficult problem THEY had to solve was how to control the free spirit of human soul, how to totally control the Assassins they were creating. How to remove all the free will, capability of thinking, making decisions, feeling emotions, being an human.. The wanted perfect solders, fully controlled killing hybrids. They manage to manipulate our souls and implant whatever they wanted into a new biomechanical brain. To achieve that they used hundreds of subjects, adults and kids who were easier to adapt and survive the procedure. They didn’t care, they never did, they had their own agenda.. To create Assassins.

Is this vision away from our reality? Are we really free? Do we have our own will? Or we are totally brainwashed by religions, politics, fake historical facts, false education.. in order only to hate each other? We are all raised to hate everything is different from us: colour, status, religion, sex, opinion, appearance, etc.. Why? Have you ever think about it? Maybe just to separate us so THEY can control us easier and do whatever they want? What do you think?

Wake up before it’s too late!

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