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Toon Disney logo (LDE's revival)

This is the logo for my revival of the now-defunct Toon Disney. It is based on the current Disney Channel logo (first introduced in Germany on January 2014).

Note: Toon Disney was copyright of the Walt Disney Company.
© 2014 - 2022 DecaTilde
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Yeah, remember when Disney XD used to be called this? Ah, the nostalgia...

Me too! Disney should revive toon Disney

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i think you can do a screen bug for this
Phenometron's avatar
I appreciate this.
DJWalker2000's avatar
My kindergarten childhood.
GrizzlyBearFan's avatar
I hope The Walt Disney Company should bring back this channel on late Spring 2016.
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i miss this channel. :( (Sad)  
AngryBeaverLover1994's avatar
I miss watching Toon Disney. I watched all the shows on their lineup religiously. If Toon Disney were revived, this could be their logo!!!!
TjsWorld2011's avatar
That looks really professional.
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I hope lamonttroop will appreciate it.
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How's the Litebulb font coming? I hope it's going good.
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I don't agree with that. Your logo is OK too, but LDEJRuff's is much more something that Disney would make, it has perfect vectoring, colors, and it really looks like it could fit next to the Disney Channel logo, since it actually has the bevels, the gradients of the real Disney Channel logo, also the redesigned "TOON" text looks good. Your logo isn't that good. It doesn't have anti-aliasing, you can see how it is pixelly, while LDEJ's is smooth. It is too much McDonald's like, it needs some black for contrasting between red and yellow. You used the old "TOON" text, it's not a problem, but LDEJ made a good job on redesigning the original TOON text.
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Yeah. While You Might Say that, I Found this Sittin' Round Google:…
TheRealCuddles's avatar
OK, now that looks even more realistic. o_o It looks extremely accurate.
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I wish they bring back Toon Disney. :(
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Good news! Toon Disney IS BACK ON TUBESYNCH!
OtakuDanny's avatar
Thank goodness! ^_^
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