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Lara Croft - Hello Kitty Mod

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Well, this is my first mod release.
Came in touch with my feminine side i suppose lol
Or els its a mixture of me falling over all my daughters toys all day,
and loving hot chicks?
Maybe the last part lol

Enough with the bad jokes!

I didn't add shadows and the big photoshop deal here,
well, cause its a mod download.
Maybe in another render.
I reused my scenery from "Bedroom Action" found here: [link]


"$AtlantiB$" Mesh
"$AtlantiB$, Zipper, not again!" Original textures
"EC/psychicsocial" Pose (Modified by me)
"Dizzydoil" - Samurai swords and Bed
"Grotesque" - Plants
"Navid" - Fans
"TRKO" Environment walls
"Dusan" Posing Software

Scenery, Textures, Bedside models, Lighting, Special Effects and Rendering by: me.
© 2011 - 2020 DecanAndersen
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Yes, Lara Croft - Tomb Raider
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I don't like Hello Kitty but Lara looks awesome in that blouse. Great work.:)
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Whats wrong with Hello Kitty? :D
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EC Pose?

This is awesome by the way! I love everything ☻
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Yeah the posing is made by EC.

Thanks :)
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Your very welcome :D

Did you modify this pose? [link]

Just wondering cause it looks awesome your way lol :P
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I think thats the one, not sure.
There are sooooo many you know hehe :)
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Well I'm EC, so that's why I asked. I love your version, how you posed it is great! :D
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Thought it might be why :P
Dont know who made them, just credit the initials they write in the pose.
Normally i make my own poses, but for objects and mods, im to lazy :D
Thanks :D

PS: Added your "real" nick :)
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Oh thanks! :D

I can't make mods or anything so I just make poses, but things like the fingers piss me off so I get the poses for them at TR forums lol ^^

EC is fine by the way, I just wondered if it was mine that you used because it looked familiar. My real name is Eden; I just use my initials for poses because I upload here and at the TR forums, and my nicknames are different for each website :D
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Well, then you should try pose fingers on Ezio or Desmond :rofl:
Then your really up for a challenge! :D

Ill check out your gallery later for more poses :)
Im working on a piece right now ;)
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Very cute :love: I love your work.
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Appreciate it, thank you :)
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hehe. Hello Kitty pyjamas. :giggle: That's pinky sweet. :P :thumbsup: Based on a nice design for naughty girls. :eyes: With nightly slip downs... or rather ups :omg:, attractions guaranteed. :drool: :D
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I knew you would be the first to comment kamilzy, it's as sure as the sun rises :lol:
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