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Free DAZ Shaders: Decan's Paint Shop

You need the DAZ Studio Pro 4,6 or above.

General Information:
Shaders included:
One Shader Reset

Average Paint Jobs:
Army Green
Carmine Magenta
Fire Fighter Red
Midnight Blue
Pure Black
Pure Blue
Pure Green
Pure Red
Pure White

Classic Paint Jobs:
Candy Red
Delorean Silver
Ferrari Red
Hot Rod Black
Hot Rod Blue
Hot Rod Lime
Hot Rod Red
Hot Rod Yellow
Lamborghini Orange
Raven Black

Custom Paint Jobs:
G.I. Joe
Power Tech
Stealth Black

Glass and Mirror:

Other Metals:
Brushed Aliminum
Carbon Fiber
Chrome Black
Chrome Blue
Chrome Dark
Chrome Gold
Chrome Light
Chrome Red
Dark Steel
Nuts And Bolts

Shiny Plastic Black
Shiny Plastic Blue
Shiny Plastic Green
Shiny Plastic Orange
Shiny Plastic Red
Shiny Plastic White
Shiny Plastic Yellow

Worn Materials:
Broken Glass
Rust Bucket
Worn Aluminum
Worn Chrome
Worn Glass
Worn Mirror
Worn Nuts And Bolts
Worn Plastic
Worn Rubber
Worn Steel

Total Shader Count: 61 Shaders...

To install this:
1.: Click the "Download File" button over to the right --->
2.: Unpack it to your desktop.
3.: Copy everything inside the folder "Content"
4.: Past it inside your own "Content" normally located here: "C:/Users/username/Documents/DAZ 3DStudio/Content"
5.: Accept the windows popup of permission to overwrite existing folders.
6.: Start Daz3D
7.: Navigate to: DAZ Studio Formats > My Library > Shaders > Decan's Paint Shop >
8.: Your ready to go...

If you should experience any problems,
don't hesitate to contact me on my deviantart page: www.Decan.Dk


Decan Andersen

NOTE 1.: Most shaders will not show correctly before rendering.
NOTE 2.: Some shaders may require you edit the Tile settings to achieve the wanted effect.

PS: Almost spend a month on this freebie,
so please show your gratitude by giving me credit, whenever you use it.

Stalker Girl - Car Trouble :
Stalker Girl - My Muscle :

Car used as an example, By DzFire:
© 2013 - 2021 DecanAndersen
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rkainne's avatar

thank you so much for your generous work. I appreciate it.

rkainne's avatar

thank you so much for your generous work. I appreciate it.

ZateticPetra's avatar

Sure to be useful! Thanks!

Thank you for the free paint set for daz. The selection that comes with it is really very limited, so a lot of these look like they can be very useful for a lot of things

Funduro's avatar
Thanks for these they look great, can't wait to try them out.
ClickChix's avatar
Thank you very much!
GafftheHorse's avatar

Mo'are shaders are always welcome.
AlleycatCY's avatar
The download link does not work :( 
Oblomovomich's avatar
Many thanks for these
TaishoBee's avatar
God I wish these worked in Poser!
Wolfman-Jack1959's avatar
I can't get any shader at all to work for Nationale7 cars in DAZ. I'm about ready to delete that prop. I have their 1932 Ford B400, and the color is always washed out, regardless of anything I try to do to correct it. I downloaded your shaders, and can't get them to work on their car either. 
MASCH-ART's avatar
Super good image and implementation. Very good in execution and design. Very meaningful. Just keep it up. 
Masch:) (Smile)
Wonderstories's avatar
Thank you very much. It´s fantastic!!!!
anthsco's avatar
Awesome! Now to figure out how to use this properly in both 4.7 and 4.9!
DecanAndersen's avatar
Just add the uber base for iray
anthsco's avatar
By the way I keep getting errors when trying to load some of the custom paint shaders. Daz 4.7 Pro keeps asking for specific jpeg files that are not in the download.

But the whole things works perfectly fine otherwise.
DecanAndersen's avatar
No, but they still work, just add them and then upgrade with iray uber base
Thanks!  Gonna give this a whirl ;-)  They sure look good.  Thanks again
greendragon-gecko's avatar
Used your shaders quite a lot already! They are beautiful!
e.g. for sword/recolored gift here (x-mas Assassins)
or on some dress details (metal parts, trims) on my starwars fanart
or gold shaders for my dragon rider

Shaders are pretty powerful tools. Thank you!
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