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Charizard X

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanks for 50,000+ Page Views! :3
I hope you enjoy it! :la:

As some may know, Charizard is one of my top 
favorite Poke creatures since childhood. 
Since, I have been inventing my own colors 
and iterations/further evolutions of them. :D
Some came close to official releases (like very very close lol).
I'm very glad they officially made them, they are awesome! 
I don't like to post alot of fanart on DA, but sometimes its hard to resist xD
One question remains, should I work on Y? Px
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I don't know if I like the X or Y charizard better, but this version of your X charizard ROCKS!
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Thanks so much! :la:
tndrhrtd37's avatar
Wonderful piece...
TimberSlashWolf's avatar
Woohoo! :D That is one badass Charizard,fantastic work! :clap: :love:
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Thank you! :la: 
Glad you liked it!!! :meow:
TimberSlashWolf's avatar
You're welcome! :)
Definitely. :heart:

And thank you so much for the points,I really appreciate it! Its a pleasure
to always see what new art you have and I greatly enjoy chatting with you. :hug:
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Welcome. ^w^ 
Me too! I always appreciate those comments, which people (like you) inspire me to do my best. :meow:
Have a good weekend. :3
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That's good to hear. :meow: Its a pleasure. You have a good weekend too!
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Thanks :D
I was sure you would like it. :3
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Ahhh this is so beautiful! <33 :D I LOOVE realistic pokemon art. I'm also the same as you when it came to replaying pokemon, Charizard became my all time favorite as well! <3 BUT WHY DOES EVERYONE DO CHARIZARD X?! << I have such a love relationship for Charizard Y. Definitely my favorite form and barely gets as much love as x! ;_; Though I really love your rendition of this one! Beautiful painterly feel on this! Those eyes too! 
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Thanks! :meow: 
I guess because of the colors and the flames xD
I like both equally, but the sales charts conclude X has sold way more. 
(originally this was going to be red orange in color lol)If I have more time I'll work on Y, but after a few other drawings xD
Surprisingly, the eyes took me longer than I expected Px
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Sadly that you say is true.. Ultra dicko!!! (ultra media!!!)  I can't deny that people absolutely adore Charizard X. Plus it's almost the trademark in the cartoon series now! I just have such a burning passion when I see the lack of Charizard Y. xD Were you originally thinking of doing just charizard? Then it evolved into Charizard X? MAYBE IT WAS YOUR CALLING! :D

Oh dear, if you make Charizard Y i'll cry tears of joy! <3 Also yeah, I totally understand that'll take time. :) 

Eyes in general can be very hard depending on the piece since perspective, emotion, focus, shapes, and the style your going for can alter everything you do. O_o so I completely understand. 
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Yeah I was originally going for a "dragon in the flames" but as I was making the dragon darker -why not 
just make it a charizard type? xD 
Okee, I'll make a Y and put them next to eachother xP
For me drawing them is easy, its choosing where they will look and what emotion they convey. Thats the hard part xD 
I also have the same issues choosing colors and poses. I take alot of time trying to choose one pose and decide I don't like that
so I make a different angle/pose. I guess my mind is telling me to choose wisely before investing time into a drawing. :P 
Maybe thats it lol.  That said, I do agree eyes will alter everything. You can put a kid walking in a beautifully rendered town maybe looking up at a shop, but 
if you put that same kid looking into the viewer the viewer will typically go back to look at this kid as a focus point, whilst if the kid's eyes is looking widely to the side
you might think somebody is following him. Etc etc you know xD  All of them are interesting so its hard to pick lol
Eden-West's avatar
YAY!!!! :D Do you tend to make rough sketches first? Or do you just go with the flow of what comes out and try to recompose it in the process? :O I find what helps me a lot is I block in pieces of the sketch with the silhouette first and make a bunch since they're quick to make, then from there I erase or fix up the ones ones I like. I'm sure the way your doing it is fine, but I do find this way makes me save a load of time AND HEART ACHE! Because I know what you're talking about. You'll be doing something and you think it looks fascinating until you notice the pose just looks weird, or the anatomy is wrong and you sit there going.. " Why did I do this?.." xDD  

Exactly what you've just described is why eyes are freakin killer oo.. THEY CAN MEAN SO MUCH MORE! 
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I use both actually xD, but I was also taught to do what you said. 
I have tried it before in some classes but it makes me want to draw them all lol xD
I think I should try it again Px
Exactly! xD 

Yep! Eyes, limbs, face asgkslksfgafglasd everything is so delicate lol. 
I'm glad I have gotten more and more used to it, but sometimes you register 
so many choices and only once the art is seen posting other rendered poses typically make it lose visual impact. D:
Its like saying "you only get one try"!
Thankfully atleast 3D modeling 
is way more tolerable.
Eden-West's avatar
Oh dear gods 3D modeling makes me so happy for that reason alone.. It's so flexible with the artist on what you want to portray and you can test out what you're wanting to that realization unlike 2D where you redraw the situation 20 times before you explode >> Though then again 3D has it's own faults that can be problematic, but I completely agree with you on that! xD 

Yeah I also have that problem where you like multiple sketches and you're like "LEMME JUST.... DO A COUPLE! :D  " Turns into 5 hours. xD! ROFL! If an image could just be like " YOU HAVE ONE CHANCE AT THIS! DON'T SCREW IT UP! " I think i'd have high blood pressure by now or quit. That crap would be scaring the living hell out of artists all the time.. Or maybe it would make us hardened... LOL xD 
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Gah, it didn't reply!

All these words couldn't be truer. xD 

The one chance is really scary but sometimes we have to chin up and do it lol. Px
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I also am a fan of Charizard X :XD: It's a gorgeous design and you justified it <3~ you have X or ORAS? XD
Decadia's avatar
Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 

I just see it from the sidelines. xD
Other than my best friend lending me a game I don't actually 
own or play these games. Px
You know the Christian fear spreaders tell everyone Pokemon is the devil xD
I feel like part of my childhood has been left out lol, and besides me everyone in college plays Pokemon!
DelusionalPuffball's avatar
you're welcome~ :la:
ah, I do that with some games, animes and shows :XD:
Understandable. My sister Sherry is batshit cray ever since she became religious and wouldn't let me give my nephew a book on dragons with the same "devil" thing XD

naw, dont feel left out D:
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Wow, yeah alot of people are still going on with the dragons thing.
I took a patch with a dragon symbol on it (I forgot I left it on my sweater) and people commented I shouldn't
be bringing that to church.  Says the slightly older people with kids on their cellphones lol. 
Thankfully I sat far away enough from mom that time so its still saved, and my sanity too.
DelusionalPuffball's avatar
I dont understand the dragon thing, I really dont lol. It's a mythical  firebreathing lizard XD

You should've been all: "can do what I want, my patch" XD
oh yeah, their kids on their cells, probably playing games way worse or something. I dont know lol XD
I dont think you should be going to a church that judges people strictly on what they're wearing and all. It's none of their business lol. But that's me XD
Decadia's avatar
My guess is that the bible mentions two dragons. One being an actual dragon(hinted that only Jebus can control idk)
and the other translated and mentioned as the beast or red dragon multiple times. 
The color was brought from the Roman Empire and their 6-7 kingdoms(beast with 7 heads, horns, crown etc) with 
each head representing a leader, but these people run their imagination thinking its an actual beast or dragon lol.
Thats my guess why they don't like to see dragons...because they think its the devil lol. It the same story with snakes being 
the devil(though one was actually Px)  That and they spout fire lol.  The "spirit" tree was on fire too, but I think a level on Hell has more fire xD

Yep, so oblivious lol. But I'm kinda glad their kids don't have to listen to nonsense in a way.
I saw one playing sonic lol.
They will judge, thats how they teach people there. Forget wearing a pink Mohawk, but that would be hilarious xD
Its an easy business if you can fool people and are good at giving speeches. But you have to study for it and maybe go to school.
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