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Deakin Anime Club - Mascots by Decadent-Desire Deakin Anime Club - Mascots :icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 4 0 Deakin Anime Club - Female Mascot by Decadent-Desire Deakin Anime Club - Female Mascot :icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 1 0 Deakin Anime Club - Male Mascot by Decadent-Desire Deakin Anime Club - Male Mascot :icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 2 0
There comes a time, someone comes into your life
This person is not just anyone, they aren’t like anyone else
It feels different, the feeling can be hard to explain
It’s not as simple as stating a one word emotion, the answer
This person comes along and your whole word changes
When you’re with them, you wish time would stand still
Despite knowing that it actually passes faster, parting ways sooner
Nothing they do changes how you feel, it may hurt, but ultimately remains
You, gorgeous in appearance, flawless in design, immaculately beautiful
You, smart in body and mind, silly in heart and soul, an aura of brilliance
You, agitating and frustrating, annoying and irritating, yet I cannot stay mad
You, the girl I’d give anything for, life, status, money, all pale in your comparison
Me, unable to hide from you, you see right through me, without effort
Me, heart screaming for your body, your touch, your love, your heart
Me, defenceless against your onslaught, ne
:icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 0 0
Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight by Decadent-Desire Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight :icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 0 0 Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight by Decadent-Desire Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight :icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 1 0 Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight by Decadent-Desire Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight :icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 3 0 Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight by Decadent-Desire Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight :icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 0 0 Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight by Decadent-Desire Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight :icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 2 0
Gaia: The Legend of the Seven Saints
    Gaia, a beautiful, lush garden world, a land of peace and harmony where all its inhabitants coexist together. However it was not always such a wondrous place, there was a time where this world was full of impurities and the land was far less tame, ugly and grotesque. Oron, the champion of the heavens noticed this imbalance and thus he appointed two celestial beings whose roles were to control the two opposites; light and dark.
    Eleena, the White Saint, wielder of Aura the Dawn Sword, a mighty blade given to only those with the purest of heart. Eleena was a radiant beauty that which none could compare, she was kind hearted, courageous, brave and loving. Clad in armor made of pure silver, she was chosen to maintain the light. Telem, the Dark Knight, wielder of Kage the sword of Shadows, his heart held naught but pure destruction, scarred deeply in his early years he never learned to love, instead his hate grew e
:icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 0 0
Two Worlds
I am whole, when you're around
I am empty, when you're not
I am alive, with you beside me
I am dying, with each departure
You are, what my heart desires
You are no longer, mine to hold
You are, binding me in chains
You are, claws embedded in flesh
I can't, break these restraints
I won't, ever taste freedom
I can't, hold back this flood
I won't ever stop loving you.
:icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 1 0
I am ruined, stained
In your colours
Consumed by you
Enveloped in lust
I cannot escape
You aren’t even mine
Yet I cannot contain myself
I’ve no place to hide
A prisoner of your dark love
I can’t get enough
Of this sickness
This twisted relation
A curse I can’t stop delving
Locked in chains, can’t break away
A slave to your everything
The pulse of your beating heart
Your sweat, a delectable taste
A sweet, violent aroma
Captures me, contaminates me
Your touch, flips my switch
My body reacts, only to you
Bumps course my skin
Scars mark your territory
Your smile, so evil
So irresistible, I stare aimlessly
Those lips, I can’t break away
I have my fill, forever unsatisfied
I know that this is wrong
So very wrong, dirty and deceitful
But I wouldn’t have it another way
I’m a slave and she is my mistress
:icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 3 0
Illuminated Beauty
In my dreams, I see you standing
Under the glow of a street lamp
It’s light radiating over you
Like a sign from heaven, are you an angel?
Your hair, flowing flawlessly around you
Oh how I desire to run my hands through
Your eyes, a soft, inviting, warm glow
I cannot avert my own, trapped in your gaze
Your skin, so white, so pure
Radiating a beauty unparalleled
Your body, so alluring, irresistible
I crave to run my hands all over you
Your breath, fogging the air
I wish I could breathe, you take mine away
Your scent, so sweet a smell
An aroma, so intoxicating, I’m drowning
In the real world, you’re beyond compare
As you whisper sweet sounding words
Your voice, so soft, reassuring
The taste of your lips, delectable, it dances on my tongue
I want to feel your warmth, forever
Merge with my own, in this deep embrace
This is home, right here, no place else
I will always belong, here in your arms
I want to lose myself, in time
With you, as we waste it
Not giving a care in the
:icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 1 0
NI: Chapter Two, Page Three
     Abel jerks awake, sweating profusely, noticing Airi sleeping in front of him on the couch, one arm around him, under his own arm, her feet in between his, and her head snuggled into his chest. Embarrassed, but feeling comforted, he smiles and starts stroking her head, it was just a nightmare, good, he thought. He lays there for while, running his hand through her long, smooth, ember, wavy hair, watching her sleeping face, eventually she begins to stir, waking slowly, she stares at Abel for a moment, realizing he’s stroking he head she immediately glows a bright red and hides her face with the cushion she was resting her head upon.
    “Wow, that’s not what I expected. I thought you’d get really mad if you caught me doing this.” Abel chuckled, taken aback.
    “No, this is nice.” Airi muffled through the cushion. Abel goes to take his hand away but Airi snatches it back.
:icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 0 6
NI: Chapter Two, Page Two
    “Anyway don’t talk with your mouth full, its bad manners.” Abel changes the subject.
    “Sowwy” Airi garbles again. “Hey wait! Don’t change the subject like that!” She cues in on his distraction.
    “I-I was just thinking…you looked cute.” Abel admits, turning his head. As Airi chokes on her mouthful for a moment, blushing.
    “Idiot.” Airi mumbles. The two of them sit there for a while avoiding each others gazes in awkward silence, before both of them get up and head towards the bathroom. 
    “Oh, you go first. I was actually going to have a bath.” Airi explains, scratching her head.
    “Uh, so was I. It’s okay, you go first.” Abel urges, embarrassed.
    “W-we could have one--” Airi starts. 
    “No, no, no, no, no. There&
:icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 0 0
Just Tonight
I indulge myself, hungry
You let me in, curious
This is wrong, I know
But too delectable to pass up
You, with your very presence
Lures me in, entraps me
I’m caught in your web, your prey
I’ve got a little something too
Your breath in my ear, giving goosebumps
Your finger down my naked spine, shivering
Our eyes meet and I turn away, guilty
You draw them back to you, grinning
You whisper sweet sounding words to me
This guilty pleasure, for our eyes only
My better judgement crumbles, I let you in
Together we sink, into this deep lust
Things won’t ever be the same, not anymore
I was caught off guard, when we kissed
I savour your taste, still clinging to my lips
Just tonight, only for tonight
:icondecadent-desire:Decadent-Desire 4 13

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Back Then :iconfadingaqueous:FadingAqueous 9 20
Sealed with Tears
To put things simply: I wish you were here.
There is just so much I would tell you if I could; hundreds of questions I would ask, thousands of experiences I would share, millions of 'if's I would dream, and yet none of it could compare to the staggering number of memories I've created with you: 0.
Let me just say this now, though there is no possibility that I would ever forget it. Despite the fact that I have never met you, laid eyes on you, laughed alongside you, or lived in the same world as you, I love you more than anything.
I have always wondered what my life would have become with your existence. I have always tried imagining the face at which I should have grown smiling towards, and it's a sure guarantee that I will always remember what could have been.
I could have had an older brother.
I have lived with this knowledge for the longest time, and yet I die at the searing sight of "could" and "had" that drain all sign
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Decadent-Desire's Profile Picture
Daniel Coomans
Artist | Professional | Literature
Hi Everyone, My name is Daniel I'm 27. I live in Australia. I am a writer, it's what I do best. I write short stories, novels, Fan Fictions, adaptions and poetry. I am also a hobbyist drawer, I draw various kinds of art ranging from anime, to emblems, product imitations, inspirational art, right down to general miscellaneous sketches, I'm new to cosplay but I really enjoy it and intend to really get into it and make it another big part of me.

Anime is a big part of my world as are games. Take either one away from me and I wouldn't be me. I want to someday be a writer, of many styles and forms or perhaps even a voice actor.

PS: I love wings. Everything about them.


I am prone to procrastination. Stress is my enemy.
I lived a very difficult life and sometimes it comes back to haunt me.
I don't think anyone can say they've never experienced depression.

I suffer from the occasional paranoia, though I'm just as insane as the rest of us.


Current Residence: Australia
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal, Trance, Drum 'n' Base
Favourite style of art: Imaginative
Operating System: Windows 10
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: -
Wallpaper of choice: Varied
Skin of choice: My own. XD
Favourite cartoon character: Kotomi Ichinose, Setsuna F. Seiei, Heero Yui, Victorique De Blois, Zero Kiryu, Athrun Zala, Nymph, Misaki Mei, Yui Hirasawa, Kuroneko and more...I could list on forever.
Personal Quote: Dreams can paint your every Desire, or your worst Nightmares.



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