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Fan stamp for Sigma (Mega Man X).

Okay, so we've got fan stamps for Mega Man, Mega Man X and Zero, but what if you prefer the villains of the Rockman world? Well, now you can show your appreciation of Rockman X's bad boy, Sigma, with this little stamp. Please feel free to use it in any way you see fit! :dummy:

By the way! If you don't already know, my new YouTube channel RockManDash.TK (www.rockmandash.tk) is now online; if you're up for some Mega Man action, please feel free to stop by! Also, it would be great to have you as a subscriber, if you want to keep tabs on the channel, and get notified whenever there's an update. Never can have too many Mega Man fans on board! :nod:

Sigma, Mega Man (c) Capcom

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