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Insight the character 'e'

Approximately 65.000 e's in this work.

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nice technique!
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MY letter :flirty: how cute
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awEnsomE ;0
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ohhh! excellent e !!!
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How do you do something like this?

Its amazing... Is it like a certain software you use or how do you do it like each letter manually in photoshop/illustrator?

Ive been trying to search the net to find out how to do this but cant find any info
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Just filled one e with e's and then the big e with the filled e's... everything in Photoshop - even if Illustrator for the basic work would have been more practicable - not too time-consuming, though.

A special software for stuff like this would be quite boring, wouldn't it? ;)
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yeah but how would you start off something like this...

Just say i want to do a design with the word a for example so do i first like draw a outline of the letter a and than work with different sizes of fonts etc?

Thanks 4 the reply by the way...kind of u...

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That's exactly the way you'd do it. ;)
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it souns confusin lol...
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O____O awesome :+fav:
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Your work has been featured in the SPECIAL big Text Art issue! :#1:: [link]
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Woah. I like "e" alot. It's my favorite letter. Glad to see it getting the recognition it deserves.
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wooow!! so cool!!
reminds me of fractals =P
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Wow,.. you're sick! So cool!
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This work has been featured in a news article: [link] !
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really nice, what resolution where you working in originaly? that must have bee enourmous, say that it takes 6*6 pixels to distinguish one small e and then I guess there are severely fewer medium and large sized es so I'd guess there are at least 30 - 40 thousands of the smalest es each a square no smaller than 6*6 pixels, whoa that must have been hard.

awesome work, really
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Ca. 2500x3600

I wasn't that hard... I had to put the 'e' out of 'e's together only one time, then I made a layer out of it so I could fill every little 'e' in the big 'e' with it... it summed up to 1000 layers, though. :D

And thank you. :)
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O_o wow.... woooow... i love it!! sutch a great and... disturbing idea
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woooooooooooooow b e a utiful
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That's just brilliant D: *instant fave*
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