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What a meaningful picture!
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Your work is amazing. I especially like this piece. 
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Thank you! I'm glad you like my work :hug:
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Intéressant concept sur la tristesse de l'absence de l'autre avec deux mondes différents par les couleurs pouvant représenter la femme et l'homme (comme dans la présentation de la série  un gars, une fille) mais aussi avec des similitudes sur la profondeur de leur chagrin représenté aussi par la tempête à travers de la fenêtre. Tempêtes différentes mais tempêtes quand même ! Très jolie lumière.
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Reminds me of Pyramus and Thisbe.
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I have saved to favorites more from your gallery then almost all others combined so far. This is gorgeous and sad.
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Ahw I really appreciate it, glad you like my work :cuddle:
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Heartbreaking but beautiful. Well done! :heart: 
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I really love this piece, it expresses a lot of emotion very clearly. The only thing I would change is the white curtain on the right, it distracts from the picture as a whole, maybe make it fainter, or add a little more white on the right somewhere.
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This amazing piece has been chosen to be placed into our featured folder over at :iconmarvelousmanips:  We appreciate you sharing your art in the group :heart:
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Thank you so much :heart:
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This really strikes a chord for me. My husband was recently in the hospital and I couldn't go see him (I'm disabled and no one could drive my handicapped van for me). He was in there for almost 2 weeks and missing him was killing me. He's home now and we're so happy to be back together. This perfectly captures how we were both feeling. Amazing!
debNise's avatar
Ahw :( I'm glad he's at home now.. And I'm happy to know that you relate with this picture, I wish you all the best :cuddle:
Valzed's avatar
Thank you! We're happy he's home too!
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Sad but amazingly done to portray a feeling that
This image can tell story to part of a moment in my life
great job :clap:
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Glad you liked it, thank you! :D
IilekteS's avatar
Yes i do like it :nod: and you're welcome
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so let me see if i understand this
she died and she is in "heaven" and he is mourning for her.
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Well, every person can see the picture in a different way. We can all have different interpretations and that's the beauty of it :)
Loved your interpretation :heart:
In my vision, they're apart, in different places, different time-zones, missing each other, dying inside because they can't be together.
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Yeah, it is...
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