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Mad World

"Mad World" by debNise

"I find it kinda funny.. I find it kinda sad.. The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had."

Anxiety is more than just being worried all the time. Anxiety is feeling like a little child, scared of the world that you don't want to face, but you have to. And you have no idea why you feel that way.

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*** johnonwheels composed an amazing musical piece inspired by this picture, you can listen to it here:… ***

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Your work has been selected to receive a   DD from me! Delightfully Deviant! by Pendragon-Arts   Award!!! Tight Hug
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Fantadtic work. Great idea with this paper ship.
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Thank you so much :cuddle:
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You are welcome.
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Hang on, Bear! And, of course, it is a Mad World, isn't it, we're navigating through. Sometimes listening to that sense of fear can keep you alive. It's just a matter of balance and keeping your bearings.
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He he, I love this, it is the perfect image to the song, MAD WORLD, every time I listen to this song from now on and I close my eyes, I'm gonna think of this scene :)
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Oh thank you! I'm glad you liked it :D
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wow, you have an unintended optical illusion. When i first saw the thumbnail it looked a wolf's face (his eye is the moon, the cloud above is the brow and the tentacle and wave outlined the nose. of course when i clicked on the thumbnail all of that went away :P Still, the image itself is wonderful :D
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Haha thank you! :D
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Wonderful blue tones,mood & atmosphere Heart 
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Glad you liked it :D :heart:
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Wonderful work , so pretty :heart:
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Thank you! Glad you liked it :heart:
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I really love that work
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