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Freetime work....Nothing special just playing with my wacom tablet to improve my skills on landscape . 
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Always searching this one is, always questing, always on the move, never one to settle down and relax. His mind wanders and therefore his feet must surely follow. Not content he is to sit and study about far off exotic locales far, far beyond the sea, nay, he must go there himself - and every place in between. Ancient castles intrigue him to no end, the stories that were told here, the adventures and challenges, even down to the very foundation every stone and brick and fragment carries a story in it, and he, in his ever thirsty quest for knowledge, is determined to learn each and every one.

God speed, my gentle friend, and good luck!

Excellent piece

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Nice work! Congratulations:)

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Reminds me of Ahch-To. Where Luke Skywalker chose to exile himself on in between Return of The Jedi and The Force Awakens. Where the First Jedi Order was first born

Amazingly done!

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That’s gorgeous and majestic.

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