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Mountain Giant

Some fantasy concept related personal artwork, "long ago a giant used to guard his land". 
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Hoo! :O_o: Cool! :thumbsup::D A great concept, I really like how the giant basically blends in with the mountain.

It makes your imagination run wild with ideas about the true nature of this sight. :greetings:

Fantastic work! :clap: A deviation without a doubt totally :+fav:'d!

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Who carved that fantastic statue? It's immense!

Statue? Nay, far from it friend. That which your awe-struck eyes behold is the fossilized remains of a great giant who roamed these lands. Many generations ago, when the world was young, when the only light that filled the sky was starlight, aye, even before the coming of Mistress Moon and Master Sun, he worked his will across the land, raising up mountains and digging up valleys. As time wore on, he grew weary of his great labors and rested against the mountain. As it so happened, that was the day the Sun first arose, and as he gazed into its luminescence, he turned to stone.

Fantastic tale! How true is it?

Who is to say, as all who lived then are now long dead, or traveled overseas to the land of the blessed. We few, we happy few, remain with naught but stories and legends to pass on to the next generation.

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A Jotnar right?
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Looks like a golem.
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Fantastic. I love it. Reminds me of The Neverending Story for some reason.
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Kinda in my opinion it looks like kong.

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Very cool concept.

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That's cool! Very well done.

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this is so fantastic...

the giant on the mountain look marvelous too :D

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What a fun concept! Really nicely executed!

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