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Heart de Roommate: Too close for comfort.

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I forgot to post this screenshot. Previously, I have mentioned something about Yusuke's girlish disguise ended up working out a bit too well and ended up finding out that Misaki, a fellow climate, has a crush on Yusuke-the-fake-girl.

Unfortunately for Yusuke, things do not quite settle down after he tells truth about his disguise to Misaki. There happens to be someone who has had a crush on Misaki; Akane to be exact. Of course, she is not too happy with the fact that Misaki is interested in someone other than her. Insofar as she is concerned, Yusuke-the-fake-girl is her rival and must be dealt with!

To make things even more complicated, Akane is also the one who has been trying to uncover Yusuke-the-fake-girl's secrets ever since he started hanging around with his three roommates. On top of all that, Akane thinks the 'real' Yusuke is Yusuke-the-fake-girl while Yusuke-the-real-boy is the 'fake' Yusuke, making the situation even funnier!

Yusuke: Hey ... wait a sec. It is not my fault if Misaki-kun likes someone other than Yukimura-san! Maybe he is just not interested, because you are a waste of time? A waste of time, such as you and your gang constantly provoking Asumi and her roommates. You are pissed off just because Asumi has a larger cup size than yours? Considering how petty you are, I am not even sure if you can handle the burden of owning a pair of bigger boobs.

Akane: Grrrrrr ... watch it, you walking pair of glasses!

Yusuke: Come to think of it, he does not even seem to be attracted to other girls. Certainly not Asumi, also not Tomoe, and not even Marumu. Could it be that he has a different orientation? Yeah, he is kind of weird and you did not realize it until just now. By the way, Tomoe has the biggest of the boobs around, but since he is not interested in her, I do not think he is window shopping based on boob sizes.
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