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Heart de Roommate: No 'harem' option?!?

By Debit
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Copyright: 2004 Angelsmile,
English version by G-Collection.

Yusuke has somehow managed to kiss all of his roommates. However ...

It appears that he has to choose one of the girls. (Good luck with that, since whether or not he succeeds is dependent on a few key decisions he has made earlier. In other words, just because he sees the name of the girl he has a crush on in this menu, does not guarantee she will accept him.) Meanwhile, he cannot choose all of them at once. It appears that those who have put together this visual novel is not into allowing a boy to drag the mouse then 'select-all'! :D

I just felt like making a joke out of this particular scene, since there are eroges out there which allow the protagonists to pursue 'harem' options. On the other hand, such a 'harem' would not make much sense in Heart de Rommmate, since its theme centers around finding a high school sweetheart as the first love.
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