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Heart de Roommate: How to ask a direct question

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Copyright 2004 Angelsmile,
English version by G-Collection.

Heart de Roommate has three major endings (Asumi, Tomoe, and Marumu). However, there are three additional endings in the 'Album' section.


This particular scene can be found in the Ms. Yagami ending which can be found in the 'Album' section, as soon as it is unlocked.

Yusuke's life takes a funny turn in this ending. His secret identity becomes exposed out of the blue and suddenly finding himself desperately scrambling to find a place to live. Ms. Yagami helps him out and ends up living with her until he can find a new apartment. Not surprisingly, his former roommates tease him about him living with the homeroom teacher at his expense!

Perhaps Marutan takes the cake, since she has a tendency of asking questions in an excessively straightforward manner with no regard for the possibility of the other side feeling very embarrassed. Oh boy ... Marutan seems pretty curious about Yusuke's and Ms. Yagame's 'night life'. On the plus side, this tendency also makes her pretty funny.

Perhaps Yusuke should have responded to Marutan's question: 'Marutan ... that's ... you're bloody darn too direct! Well ... actually, she and I once took a bath together, but that was several chapters ago. No! We weren't doing that kind of thing you usually associate with a couple inside a bathhouse!'

Yusuke: Marutan, are you that curious about my 'night life' with Ms. Yagami?

Marutan: Marutan is very curious.

Yusuke: Hey ... it is not what you think it is. (I have a crush on Ms. Yagami, but I cannot say that!)

Tomoe: It'll be nice if we can visit Ms. Yagami's place.

Yusuke: You might not like it. She appears neat at school, but she is a slob at home. No ... not that kind of a mess. (I want to become messy with her, but I cannot say that!)
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