a lifelong (goodybye) letter

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Alright, so... my last journal entry was written more than a year ago LMAO  。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Well, how is everyone doing? I hope you're fine. Life's been busy lately, I'm on my third year in college and I can barely believe it, seems like 2010 was yesterday and I'm still a 14-year-old looking for friends on dA.

Tomorrow I'll be 20 years old.

And as cliché as it will sound, I want to start a new decade of my life fresh and with no pendencies. As you may notice, I don't post anything in a while-- the truth is, it has also been a while since I felt really motivated to use deviantart as I used to when I was younger. Unfortunate as it might be, most of the userbase of the website has moved forward to other plataforms.

So, let's move on.

I was procrastinating to make this journal, but here we go: I won't be using deviantART anymore from now on.

That obviously doesn't mean I stopped making art! I never did and I never will, but dA will not be a place where you can find me anymore. I'm not deactivating this account so soon, but I'm oficially not using it anymore.

If you liked my stuff, I'm still active in other places on the internet:
I hope you guys follow me there and we keep seeing each other.

For those who stay behind, farewell. I hope we find each other in the meantime.
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