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Published: August 28, 2009
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This is merely a duplicate of the links that used to be in my DA ID but can now be found in my journal. I had to split them up. There were too many and the system complained about it... wouldn't show anything in the comments section at all. arg. So there are three of them right now:

Deviation Links
Links 1
Links 2
Links 3

Journal Links
Links 1 - General and Noob Stuff
Links 2 - Fractal Stuff
Links 3 - Graphics Design/Editing
Links 4 - Photomanipulation
Links 5 - Journal CSS/HTML Resources
Links 6 - Various but Mostly Computer Related
Links 7 - Everything Else


:helpdesk: Help chatroom
:helpdesk: Help & FAQs
:sherlock: DA clubSEARCH
:sherlock: Browse DA Categories
:sherlock: Browse DA Tutorials
:sherlock: DA Tutorial Search And Find
:sun: DA Today page
:devart:dAc: deviantART's Abbreviation Guide
:devart: Get free avatars
:devart:List of Gallery Moderators
:flagus: US Resident Artists copyright your work here

:icondeviantartcommunity: deviantARTcommunity - great directory resource
:iconda-orphanage: DA-Orphanage - Adopt or donate an abandoned DA ID
:icondeviant-clubs: Deviant-Clubs - DA Clubs Directory (promises to weed out clubs inactive for over 6 weeks but may be inactive - still a good source of help for club search)
:iconthelist: TheList - listing of clubs and groups (no apparent promises for weeding out inactive clubs; also looks inactive but still a possible source for club search)
:icontutorialsclub: Tutorials Club - tutorials of all kinds


FAQ #1: What is the Message Centre and how do I use it?
FAQ #6: What is the Collections Feature and how do I use it?
FAQ #26: What is the deviantWATCH and how do I manage my deviantWATCH listing?
FAQ #104: What HTML formatting can we use on deviantART? And what is the format for these codes?
FAQ #18: Who selects the Daily Deviation and how is it chosen?
FAQ #66: As a premium member, what extra journal features will I have access to?
FAQ #242: What are scraps and where can I find my or another users scraps?
FAQ #62: How do I use Journal skins?
FAQ #227: What are some of the suggestions deviantART receives for features that simply will not be put in place?
FAQ #81: How can I make links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
FAQ #696: How does deviantART comply with COPPA?
:faq: Journal Skins
:faq: What's your dA ID#? Find it here!
:faq: Spicy tips for critiques and your own works!
:faq: What is Stock?
:faq: Weekly Help Desk Updates - January 30th, 2009
:faq: What is an Official deviantART Beta Tester? How do I become one?


FAQ #294: What is dAmn?
FAQ #292: What are the commands that I can use on the chat network?
FAQ #512: How do I know where my friends are chatting?
FAQ #289: How do I create or delete a chatroom?
FAQ #290: How do I manage the users in my chatroom, and set operators and members?
:rofl: Chat and chat humor
:rofl:Text Messaging Abbreviations

:rofl:Smiley Faces and Emoticons


:iconunseenartists: Join *UnseenArtists

8-)You should also join and submit your work to various DA clubs that pertain to your particular genre of artwork. For instance, I join fractal clubs because I work with fractals. Simple, huh? :D (See my fractal art club links below.)

8-)Join a webring. (Yes Virginia there **IS** fractal life outside of DA! ;))

8-)Browse through people's :+fav: Faves and :gallery: gallery folders. Especially find the art that pertains to your genre of artwork. :+fav: the pieces you like and leave comments for the artist telling them that you like their work. You might be surprised to notice that people will begin to look at your pages as well. Being seen is not why I personally visit other people's pages but it's funny how that happens. It's just what I've found to be true in my own personal experience since I joined DA. It's just reality! If you sit like a sourpuss in your own little corner waiting for people to come to you, they probably will never know you exist. :lonely: If you just sit on your homepage as if it's a throne and as if you're a god and deserve worship :worship:, then it's not likely that people will be stopping by your site anytime soon. Learn to be at least *somewhat* sociable and be nice when you comment. Nobody likes a sourpuss :lemon: and not everybody is looking for an art critic!

Oh yes! There's one more thing, as I've run across this too since I've been here! If you've joined DA just to make friends, that's ok. It's not really a social networking site like Facebook or Myspace but you can still find some friends with similar interests. It helps though to actually have some *artwork* uploaded to your site!!!! If you want to have some kind of conversation, it's good to have something to *talk* about, right? Well artwork is a good icebreaker! If you have no artwork uploaded, people have no idea what you're doing on DA! After all, it's an **ART** site! If you're not uploading because you're worried about people stealing your art, then just watermark your work! It's quite easy to do this too. Simply check the "Add watermark" tickbox when you submit it! Then go out and talk to people! :)
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