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Valentine Styles and Patterns

A set of Valentine Patterns and Layer Styles. They can be downloaded FREE on my blog HERE: [link]

I get many comments from people saying that they can't find the download link. It is because they do not take the time to read the description and follow the link to my blog. These comments will be ignored because if you can't take the time to read the description, I'm not wasting my time answering you.
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thanks I can actually read and follow directions and these are amazing xx
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Amei mas não sei baixar =/
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Used your Valentine Pattern, thank you! [link]
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como se descarga?
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Thanks I like I love these styles have a Great Talent The Download For Me Can Take the time to read The Description Hahaha
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It is on my site if you bother to read the description. I suppose you would rather just grab a free file and not have to read the description. You are likely also the same kind of person who does not appreciate or will not thank someone for providing free files.
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no puedo descargarlo!!!
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no puedo descargarlo!!
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Como mierda lo descargo?? ._. [link]
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Google translates your comment to "As I download shit." That is rude. I do not speak Spanish. If you want to download, go to my site from the link in the description and download it.
Mara0309 wasn't saying "As I download shit" he/she was trying to say "how the fuck do I download this" O:
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Nice! thank you! :D
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como la descargoD:?
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beautiful and varied collection that is! I really like it if I use some item I'll let you know! (credit) I will comment only once not to bother, but I'll put faves everything I download. I hope no inconvenience.

Note: your wed is very useful, thanks!
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