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You might want to read some comments here for some more little clue and a param. :D
Have you ever wonder how to create a fractal like this:

Well, those fractals are from two different fractal style, joined togehter into one single apo flame via xaos. a flame become the filler for the plastic bubble style. The first one is juliaN fractal joined with plastic bubble. The second one is mobius gasket inside plastic bubbles. The third one is plastic bubbles inside plastic bubbles. :lmao: And the last one is julian/ring2 flame inside palstic bubbles.
But how? :confused:
Worry not. I'm here to tell you the secret :eyes: The secret is xaos. :D So, on this journal, i'll write about how to create it. At first, i want to make this explanation as a tutorial. you know, jpeg based tutorial like i ussually do. But after some consideration, i think it's better to just explain it here. The reason is because this trick need s
:iconguagapunyaimel:guagapunyaimel 50 71
Apo Anim-friendly Plugins by morphapoph Apo Anim-friendly Plugins :iconmorphapoph:morphapoph 40 17 Me mechanising FINAL by MrSparkles10 Me mechanising FINAL :iconmrsparkles10:MrSparkles10 119 141 Trantor: after the fall by fraterchaos Trantor: after the fall :iconfraterchaos:fraterchaos 21 8 Autumn At The Kitchen Window by BarbaraPommerenke Autumn At The Kitchen Window :iconbarbarapommerenke:BarbaraPommerenke 1,216 197
The Fractal Universe
Is a photograph only a record, something created by a machine?  Can photography ever truly be considered art?  That question seems quaint and laughable these days, but if you do a little research you will find that once upon a time it was a raging debate.  Thankfully a consensus has been reached that the agency of the photographer – his or her eye and critical mind – choosing the subject and manipulating the machine (the camera that is the art instrument) is what establishes photographs as potential works of art when created by an artist-photographer.  Pretty basic common sense, huh?  So why then is there now a debate as to whether FRACTAL ART is truly art – or just something produced by poking patterns into a computer?  Isn't it just really random e-graffiti, a fibonacci button mash?
Here we go again… Hopefully it won’t take nearly a century again before fractal art is recog
:iconhq:hq 132 3,789
Wisp Nest by KoAltaiTeMaunga Wisp Nest :iconkoaltaitemaunga:KoAltaiTeMaunga 13 17 Dark Elf by Pearlpencil Dark Elf :iconpearlpencil:Pearlpencil 2,886 183 apathy by hicherry apathy :iconhicherry:hicherry 146 32 Shamans Plants by love1008 Shamans Plants :iconlove1008:love1008 793 143
Fractal Flowers for 'Project Educate Fractal

Hello there fellow fractal artists and fractal lovers!! This week is "Fractal Week" holded by projecteducate :la: and this article is part of my lil contribution :giggle:
Today we will talk about “Fractal Flowers”, but first what is a fractal?
- A fractal has been defined as "a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole. The term fractal was coined by Benoît Mandelbrot in 1975 and was derived from the Latin fractus meaning "broken" or "fractured”. While fractals are a mathematical construct, they are found in nature, which has led to their inclusion in artwork. (Wikipedia)
So, fractal can be found in nature but at the same time nature can be found in fractals! One of the most representative natural shapes we see in fractals are flowers, and lets gonna be serious who doesn’t like
:iconyasny-chan:Yasny-chan 49 39
Fantasia by OutsideFate Fantasia :iconoutsidefate:OutsideFate 63 19 Bliss by lindelokse Bliss :iconlindelokse:lindelokse 571 229
The F Word: Interview With lindelokse
The F Word
----- Fractal Week Special -----
Interview with lindelokse

Hi, Welcome to another edition of The F Word - Fractal Week Special edition. This week, October 10th-16th we celebrate projecteducate's Fractal Week, I want to give you a special edition of The F Word. This special edition will featuring interview with some fractal artists around deviantArt.
This time, i have an honor to interview the beautiful Apophysis gradener, Chiara Bianchineri a.k.a. lindelokse. They said that beautiful women tend to create beautiful piece of art, and I'm sure that it's true because you can see how lindelokse create some magnificently beautiful art.
Without much more addo, enjoy my interview with her. :w00t:
can you please introduce yourself?
My name is Chiara and I'm a 26 years old architect from Italy. I'm a lucky person blessed with a serene life, a lovely family and wonderful friend
:iconguagapunyaimel:guagapunyaimel 20 10
Face of the Horseman by Judson-Cottrell Face of the Horseman :iconjudson-cottrell:Judson-Cottrell 22 12 Fortune's Fool by DeFormWaves Fortune's Fool :icondeformwaves:DeFormWaves 15 1



:iconpiethein21: :iconguagapunyaimel: :iconprelkia:


Well people, am quite a new guy in dA and am interested in fractals as you can guess from my gallery ;)
dA, for me, upto now have been vary addicting just as a lot of you may find it :D
And what say about the fractals community here..Its !amazing! in one word!  The people up there in #Aposhack are awesome.  You can almost spend(or waste if you want to ;)) all your time up there. Better than fb sometimes :D I must say! Am not naming any individual ...all are mention worthy.

Now lemme tell you the main business why I wrote this journal (or why I started writing journal :p)
You'll see people around the fractal community featuring other fractal artist's works whom they are inspired by. That's a great idea itself for the new comers to know the big-heads in this art in dA.
But what am gonna do is to feature works of a fractalist but not the fractals he made :D.
Its the more funny stuff he creates that inspire me in a way ;)

Well, enough monkey busyness...
Ladies and gentlemen, hereby I present you some fun-arts which are in nature very simple but very cool, can make your mood right even when you're in the most tense moment :D  by piethein21
They are all made in a tiny paint program that come stock with any version of M$ ;) guess what?
Here're some of the coolest I choose:

But the sad thing is not much people tend to look into the folder when they find much more involving fractal works all over his gallery. But miss no more! Take a look into the his paint-box :D

And now, am going to show a little gratitude to the person who actually got me the head-start in fractalling (ina indirect way though).
She's TaraRoys.   Her fractal tutorial site is a place many newcomers are starting from; and without that I'd have been wandering in the woods like a lost child and it'd have taken me far long time to figure things out with Apophysis. Not that I've already figured it all out :lick: but its a head start after all! I still find me referring to that site at times. Just wish to give you a BIG thanks ! :hug:

Well, that's pretty much all I had to say.
Lets pull the curtain and until next time(well, if at all) goodbye!

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Am a CS student, curious about movies, programming, digital art and trying out things myself.
..and yeah; I write sometimes; my blog.

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