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Weathering with you

So, I saw the film yesterday and I REALLLLLY wanna spoil everyone xD But no, I will just post this.
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Is this a Miyazaki film?
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No, it is Makoto Shinkai (Your name, the garden of words, 5 centimeters per second)
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Your clouds, they look like wings, I find this effect fantastic. It gives your characters a angelic side. Yet they fall, but on your drawing, your male character seems relaxed. While the little girl seems more worried than him. As if she were human does not fall free in life. And that he was her guardian angel ready to catch up with her. Yes, I often make a fuss when I look at a drawing.

But I can’t make a big deal out of it if I don’t find the drawing talking and really beautiful. Your work has something poetic, calm, and dizzying. I love very much. The brightness and movements of the bodies are really interesting. I immediately was struck by your image.

There is a kind of symmetry and mirror effect in your characters. They look like fake twins. This is what I tell myself by looking in more detail at your image. The cloudy background, behind the clear party of your clouds, brings back to the reality of the fall. The contrast and well done, it is not violent but on the contrary soft and calm. Much like the fall of the two characters who don’t necessarily seem frightened or panicked.

I really appreciate what you’ve created here!

Congratulations to you o


Image found on:iconprojectcomment:
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Thank you very much for your comment ^^
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Lovely anime piece.
Great use of perspective to get more into the frame.
Excellent job on clothing, making it look like it's rippling in the wind!

*Here from Project Comment
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Thanks a lot!!!
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Wow! Amazing picture!!!

Oh... enlarged it's somehow rotated and distorted... (???)

OK, I will watch the film anyway!
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Eh?! Is it? W-where?!
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Hmm... when I click on it - it's whole enlarged in that strange way Shrug 
(other pictures work normally...)
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