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So hey, I never did officially talk about this despite knowing about it for two months, but my family’s moving into a brand new apartment on the 30th

We moved into this dumpy old one last August to make use of my dad’s employee discount with this apartment company, until a place that we actually wanted opened up, but we ended up waiting so long that a complex that was under construction was finished before an employee moved out of one of those other ones pfft

Our current place, Adagio, is so old and outdated it’s not even funny. All the rooms are tiny, the old tiny laundry machines were obviously tossed in the balcony storage at some point, the kitchen sink wasn’t even turnable until we had it replaced, popcorn ceilings, bad roof and storage unit designs that didn’t account for rain, shit like that. This whole place is so like 1700s and they never bothered fixing it up much. And the traffic is terrible at 5pm, you basically can’t leave and go anywhere until 7 on weekdays. Can’t even walk anywhere, really.

This new complex, Woodin Creek, is obviously as modern and clean as you can get. It’s built with elevators and hallways, it’s got a spa, indoor pools/jacuzzis, even a rooftop cafe. The rooms are huge, the showers are well-designed, the laundry machines are quiet, and the kitchen has plenty of storage space, which should make my mom incredibly happy considering she’s been working with tiny cupboards and no walking room for two and a half years. PLUS it’s gonna be in a convenient location in a convenient city, with plenty of things to do around the area, and less hellish traffic to deal with. And apparently, when the entire complex is done with construction, it’s basically gonna be like a plaza/center with some retailers to walk between.

And once the employee discount becomes active in spring, we’ll only be paying, what, 16, 1700 in rent? For a fancy new place like this? So basically, we’re pretty pumped. Only problem really is that we might be stuck with Comcast, but eh. Aside from some interface issues with their TV and their business ethics, at least their service isn’t terrible. The important thing is that we’re in a comfortable home.

Of course, it’s stressful that we've had to spend the holidays packing for a move taking place between Christmas and New Years, but I’m rolling with the punches. Anything to get out of this crummy place as soon as possible.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on with my life. Hope you guys have been well yourselves. :> And I hope we all have a fantastic 2016 to make up for this hellish year.

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