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Walking. Is probably one of the best things that I can do with my past time. All alone, to me is a blessing, it means I don't have to be at home with my drunk of a father, or with my asshole of a boyfriend. I dreaded going home everynight, all my dad does is bitch and complain about how he wished I never existed, I just grin and bear it I guess. I don't blame him. I killed my mother, well not intentionally. She died giving birth and he loved her more than anything in the world. But even so, it is pretty sad to know that your own boyfriend takes his side and not yours. Sometimes I wonder who I have. I am one of those people who are usually left out of things, I have few friends and not all of them trustworthy. I live in this small city of Windsor, nothing much to offer here. Heck, all of Canada don't even know this city exists. The streets are always lit up with speeding cars, parks aren't ever filled with kids, you always hear sirens in the background, not a very wonderful place to be but I guess this place I can call home. I walked along the sidewalk on my way home from school. School. Now thats a whole nother story. Unfortunatly my friends just graduated so now I'm all alone. At 18 you would think that I could handle myself but highschool is a living hell. I don't even want to get on that topic.

I walk up the stone path to my front steps. The path is covered in freshly cut grass, I have always loved the smell of that. My house isn't the nicest, I live in the middle of the city, the house is a duplex but we own both the upstairs and the downstairs. My dad stays downstairs, and I stay upstairs, it is like my own little house where I can do as I please. I walk up my steps onto my porch into my house and up my stairs into the apartment above. I throw my keys onto the table and jump onto my bed snuggling my face into my comforter. I was starting to fall asleep when I heard my phone begin to ring. It could only be one of two people. My boyfriend who I really don't want to talk too, or Katie, one of my best friends. I pick up the phone and look at the name. James. Great.

"Hey James, whats up?"

"Hey Babe, I thought I told you to call me after you got out of school? Remember?! I was supposed to drive you home!"

"OH, sorry about that I just wanted to walk home, some time to think and stuff"

"I don't care, Im your boyfriend, Its your obligation to CALL me before you do things" He said getting more agitated.

"Yeah, sorry. I won't do it again."

"You better not, remember what happens when you don't respect me. Well I have to go now. I'll call you later and I'll come over. Bye."

And with that he hung up. James is the kind of boyfriend who doesn't really respect the person he is with. Sure, his looks at decent. He is tall, has short messy brown hair with side bangs, he wears rae bands and usually wife beater tank tops, I think they suit his personality well. I wouldn't wanna be his wife. I plan on breaking up with him, but I am afraid too, after all he is already abusive, so I am afraid of what he will do. With that I go and open up my laptop, making my eyes squint. All I do all day is Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube and Deviantart, oh and my guilty pleasure, anime fanfictions. Yes. I like anime, a lot. Ttebayo Motherfuckers. As I am scrolling down my dashboard I hear my phone go off again. "Who is it now!" I muttered to myself, It better not be James agian I really don't want to talk to him.



"Oh Hey Katie, Sorry, I had it off all day.. sure shoot"

"Kay, so like, you know like, that band One Direction?!"

"Yeah.. you have only been obsessing over them for what.. like two years now? How do I NOT know them?"

"Well, D'Anna can't go anymore, so I have an extra ticket... wanna come?!?!?!?"

"No, I can't. James will kill me, literally. Remember the last time I had to sneak to a concert because he wouldnt let me if I asked?"

"Don't remind me. But PLEASE! You could use a break! Besides, I know you like them too, so please!"

"Fine, Fine.. I'll go. When Is it?"


"Tonight?! Wow, that is last minute! Kay when?"

"At 10:00, I'll pick you up. I have to get ready too, I'll see ya later.. I LOVE YOU BYE!"

Okay, I am not gonna lie. I love them. Well, not love them like half the girls on this planet do, I respect them greatly. They are what I wish James were like. Kind, Caring, Respectful, Loyal and they are all of that. I like thier music, not obsessed but thier lyrics and thier voices do get to me, I get all teary eyed when Save you Tonight or Moments comes on. I live in my own little fantasy, that my night in shining armor will come and scoop me off my feet away from this wretched situation i'm in with James. Well, I'm rambling. I guess the point is, is that I am excited. I took a look at the clock. "7:30 P.M" Wow, time flies on tumblr. I got in the shower, cleaned myself up, brushed my teeth, did my hair and make-up and got dressed. With the clock now at 8:30, I took a good look at myself in the mirror of my bedroom. I examined myself. My long pure red hair, noticably dyed, is curled and reaches down my chest. Sometimes I think this haircolor reminds me of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, but I don't care, I like it. I wear a short pale pink dress with a nice brown belt which fits tightly around my stomach, along with some brown high heels. The high heels aren't entirley nessicary especially for a concert, but to put it this way I hate being short, the heels make me a good 5'8. Last but not least I added on my dark and heavy eye-liner and mascara, which by the way really brings out my green eyes. I smile happily at myself in the mirror quite happy and content with my outfit. I never wear dresses, usually skinny jeans or shorts so a dress is something new for me. I know for a fact that James would freak out if he knew I was wearing this in public, he doesn't like me dressing up unless it is for him.

I hear honking outside of my house, lots of it. I look out my window giving her a "wait a minute" signal. "COME ON!!!  HURRY!!" she yelled out the car windor in her winey voice. I gathered up my cellphone, my Ipod, my purse and snuck downstairs. Like I mentioned before, my dad and James always take sides. If my dad knew I was going he would immediatly call James to come, and I don't want to have to deal with him. I run down the lawn to the car.

"Don't you think you can be a little more... I don't know. Quiet!?" I said whispering, not in the very least angry, she knows I am joking.

"Sorry!" She said apologetically. "By the way, you look really nice, like a princess" she said cheekily. I jokingly punched her in the arm.

"Pshhht, naw. You look even prettier. What.. are you expecting to meet them or something?" I looked her up and down. Yes, I just checked her out. Katie always dresses beautifully, no matter where she goes. I love her look. Her natural dirty blonde hair is waved, and put into a half pony tail, she has a nice dark blue polka dot shirt tucked into a nice pair of blue jeans with some flats. Her personality is what makes her a misfit just like me, she is calm, and content but can get insanly hyper and goofy, she over fangirls and gets a little bit too crazy when One Direction is mentioned. Plus, being a Directioner and a Bieber fan doesn't help, they call it obsession, we call it dedication. "New outfit?" I asked snapping myself out of my own thoughts. She looked at me happily, obviously because I noticed.

"Yeah, do you like it? I bought it just for this occasion. Its not too much is it?" she asked nervously.

"Nope" I said popping the 'p'.

"Good, because we don't have time to go back" she said with a small laugh, "we are here!" and with that we parked and get out of the car. The parking lot is packed but luckily we found a nice spot. Far though. After about a 5 minute walk we made it to the line, that took about 10 minutes since we already had our tickets we got in pretty fast. The WFCU is huge, I have never been in here but our seats are amazing! Or should I say ama-zayn (Insert Aventures of One Direction ball punch) Leave it to Katie to pay good money for some good seats, I know for a fact that she is the kind of person that if she has a chance to go to thier concert she would make the best of it. I bet she saved her allowance for quite a while. We finally managed to sit down, the crowd screaming and yelling. I hate loud places. I guess concerts aren't my thing. All the lights went off and the only light was from the giant movie screen playing the opening intolude. I felt nails dig into my left arm, I flinched.

"OUCH!!! Katie, Katie, KATIE! NAILS!" I said laughing. She realized that she was giving me a death grip and let go and began to flap her arms and fangirl.

5 Seconds to One Direction....

4 Seconds....

3 Seconds....

The crown began to get louder.. and louder, until the countdown reached 0 seconds. The whole arena got dark and 5 spot lights hit the stage. Breaking the silence of the anticipating croud are the voices of One Direction. "I-I-I WANNA SAVE YOU, WANNA SAVE YOUR HEART TONIGHT, HE'LL ONLY BREAK YA LEAVE YA TORN APART OH~"  Thier voices are luring. I sat there in awe watching them one by one singing. I think I just realized why Katie likes them so much. They are beautiful. I felt an arm pull me up, Katie who was already standing pulled me up to stand too.

"COME ON HUN, LOOK LIKE YOU WANNA BE HERE!" she said yelling over the croud. I smiled and nodded, not bothering with a response, I knew she wouldn't hear me anyway. I began to watch them again, before I knew it seven songs have passed. I caught myself staring at the curly haired one alot. Apparently his name is Harry Styles, I finally asked Katie who is who during the intermission after the fifth song. He is georgous. The way that he flipped his hair, his eyes, I felt my heart race when he came to the end of the stage right in front of me. I am not sure why I am feeling this way. Never have I been the type of person to "crush" on a celebrity. The way that I look at it, is that why love someone who you will never have, or meet. It is only heartbreak in the end. There was a short silence and then a new song began. More than this. I have never heard this one before. As I stood there and listened the lyrics were quite deep. I wonder if they are actually as amazing as they're lyrics are. After thier hit single, What Makes you Beautiful and some twitter questions thier concert was over. People began to pile out, Katie and I just sat there waiting for the people to clear up, we had time. I guess. With it being midnight, I think I would have a pretty good chance of sneaking upstairs without my dad noticing, he is probably asleep. As we sat there I looked over at Katie who was smiling like a mad man.

"What?" I asked smiling back. What? Smiling is contageous around friends.

"You enjoyed yourself, VICTORY IS MINE! Does this mean you will fangirl with me now? What one was your favorite song? Would you come again with me and WHO DID YOU LIKE THE MOST!?!?!? HUH? HUH? HUH?" I slammed my hand to her mouth covering it. I removed it right after she began licking it. Typical Katie.

"Yes, maybe, More than this, yes anything for you and uhhh... Harry. I think that was his name. Ya know? The curly haired one?" Katie began squealing at my answers. We, well SHE sat there and talked, and talked, and talked about them. Usualy I tell her to zip it, but I was interested for once. She told me all the inside jokes but I laughed the most about Harry getting grounded for saying pussy to Matt Cardel when they were on X-Factor.

"So yeah, then he was like "NO! JIMMY PROTESTED!" I decided to interrupt her ranting.

"Uhh, Can we go now? It's finally cleared out enough, I am sure there is no more traffic seeing as it is 1:00" I said with a megusta face.

"Yah sure! Can we check to see if there is any merchandise left? Though I doubt it.." We walked out into the arena to the inside of the entrance. I stood there waiting outside the womans washroom waiting for Katie to finish buying some of the last merch there. I began to fidget, and tap my foot. Something I do when I am impatient. So I decided to check my phone. 11 Missed calls, 5 missed text messages. All James. Oh shit I thought to myself. I read through the texts, each one progressed in anger as I read them, one read; Your dad told me you snuck out with that bitch Katie... I TOLD you I DIDN'T want you hanging out with her, she is bad influence Then I read the last one, I gasped when I read it. SO YOU ARE AT A CONCERT?! AGAIN!? What the fuck... didn't last time teach you any fucking lessons.. IM COMING TO GET YOU.. NOW!" I read the time recieved. It said 12:36 a.m. I only live 10 minutes away and him even closer, I started to get scared and ran to Katie.

"Katie! Katie! We need to go... NOW!" I said frantically.

"One sec" she said nudging my arm away. I grabbed her by the arm and told her about the text messages I had just recieved. "Shit, okay yeah we have to get out of - "

"HEY!" I looked towards the familiar voice, It was James. He stood at the entrance and began storming toward me. His face red and scrunched up. I knew that face, but then again he always has it. I backed up as he got closer and my back hit the wall.

"Hey, BACK IT UP! This was my ide-" I heard Katie begin.

"Shut the fuck up I'm not here for you" He walked right up to me and got in my face. Being that we are in public I can tell he is trying to keep his voice down, but that has never stopped him from hitting me before. "What the FUCK are you doing here?" I stayed silent, anytime I have ever said anything he always just gets more mad. "Hey?, for fuck sakes ANSWER ME!"

"To.. see the .. concert?" I said looking down. He back up a little bit but them lunged forward again back handing me as hard as he could across the face. My whole left side of my face felt numb. He grabbed my upper arm and began to pull me towards the exit. I knew what was waiting for me once we got in private but frankly I didn't wanna go through it again. Before realizing it I began resisting and ended up wriggling myself out of his grip. He stopped and looked back at me, all retraint in his face gone.

"What do you think your doing?" He said reaching for my bruising arm again but I pulled back and started stepping back. He looked like he was gonna lunge at me again but this time I turned and ran. I could hear Katie cheering me on and I could hear him chasing me. Great. I have no idea where I am going, and I am in heels. I ran pass some dark blue curtains, and into the back hoping to lose him, but I could here him yelling at me so I kept running. I reached a dead end hallway. I had no where to run but into one of the closets, I began trying them one by one. Locked. Locked. Locked. OPEN! As soon as I opened it I dove in and slammed the door behind me, I locked it, and put my ear to the door.
Yeah :S

IF you read it, tell me what you think and on whether or not to continue it :S

THIS IS MY FIRST FANFICTION/STORY I HAVE EVER WRITTEN :S So it is probably horrible :S I have no idea, tell me your HONEST OPINION! BE A BITCH! BE CRUDE! BE HONEST! I need to know these things.. criticize me if you have to.. tell me what I need to fix, tell me what you like and don't like.. <3

This is completely fictional, all events that happen have not actually happened in reality. Harry Styles is 1/5 of the British/Irish boyband One Direction. Each member and character do not belong to me. Well except for Jordan. :)

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I love the Harry Styles story.