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Krawk design?

I need a leader for my reprile/dragon group called the Draconis Clan, so I thought a krawk would be nice as a leader xD cause i'm not very good at drawing 'real dragons'

So I random made this up lol

design,char,draconis clan: me
krawk: neopets
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I think it looks pretty nice O,O
There's no such thing as real dragons u3u THIS is just as much a dragon as something like: [link] (lol silly dragon :iconimhappyplz:)

No but srsly really nice design O,O Really like the colors and the way you draw dragons like these is great :D
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omg that thing scared me :'D but I ment a dragon with wings and scales and stuff and really reptile like blabla x'3 I always have dragonthings with hair .-.

and thank you bimmetje 8D
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Waha yeahh it's a pretty extreme and odd example I gave you xD Aww dragons with hair are awesome u,u
Yw ^^