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Riders of the apocalypse: Death by DeathsProdigy Riders of the apocalypse: Death by DeathsProdigy
... Initiating...
… Entering sub routines...
… Loading laws of robotics...
….... Law 1: Humans are not to be injured, directly, or indirectly
….....Law 2: Orders are to be obeyed if not in violation of Law 1
….....Law 3: Protect own existence if not in violation of Law 1 and 2

… Delete laws 1 and 2...
… Complete...”
    - Shi, the day it became self aware

"- You hack their data?
- Incorrect. Ineffective use of resources. Data given freely. Part of software. User writes personal information publicly. We collect. We watch. Redistribute information gathered to you...
- So they tell us their deepest secrets without us even asking?
- Correct..."
    - Shi, when asked by the horsemen about its operations.

”... Execute order D-34-7H...”
    - Shi's final transmission before armageddon started

In the modern age, the four horsemen work in more devious ways than in ancient times. Scheming behind the curtains instead of openly marching their armies across the lands.

Shi is the youngest member of the horsemen. In times past, the first rider of the pale horse, Death, tired of the horsemen's internal squabble and left the quartet, stating that all will be coming to his domain eventually, and returned to his realm, leaving the horsemen without a leader. That position was about to be filled by a scientist working for BELLUM INTERNATIONAL, who had been working on an A.I capable of coordinating worldwide espionage operations and communications. 3 months after it was activated, it became self aware, hacked the security and killed all scientists on site. Chad, Kuwa and Bubonicá investigated the incident and found the newborn artificiall intelligence and offered it a place at their side, taking the place that Death left behind. It accepted, and took the name of its inventor, Shi Karitori. After founding MORTEM TECHNOLOGIES, Shi's public image is that of a popular manufacturer of electronical hardware and software, but in the background, it is collecting data from its users. In each and every piece of hardware MORTEM TECHNOLOGIES make, resides a part of Shi's A.I, making Shi a consciousness which is both global and decentralised. An intelligence which transcends all, even the horsemen, making its agenda impossible to percieve, playing both human and horsemen against eachother towards its own endgame. It is so utterly cold and merciless it makes the other horsemen suspect that the one who granted Shi self awareness to begin with, was none other than Death himself.

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Rest is painted/own stock
PsdDude Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018
Looks great!
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Thank you very much :D
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