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Celtic Dragon Trinity Knot

Date: 2012
Media: Sharpie markers, some Photoshop for touching it up

This is a dragon that I drew up after seeing an illustrated woman with it in a Dragon Art book. I did change up a few things so that the tattoo is not exactly the same (plus I couldn't fit it all on my arm). The artist who inspired me and that I based this artwork off of was Anne Stokes ( ). This was drawn up for me personally as a tattoo to get for myself. Here is a poorly shot photo of my tattoo after the work was done. Sadly, it is the only photo that I have of my dragon tattoo right now…

This dragon was inspired by the dragon found on this girl's arm in Anne Stokes drawing here ►…
I loved her dragon so much that I wanted to create a similar design for my tattoo but I didn't want to completely copy Anne's artwork. However, the dragon is still very similar and is still considered Anne's artwork so please do not give credit to me. My initials are in the bottom for the mere fact that I free-handed this myself based off of Anne's photo (it is not intended as a copyright). I changed the wing tips to curve in more to almost create swirls, the edges of the wings extend more because I wanted to try to keep the dragon in sort of a circle, the inner sections of the wings are chopped up more.
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Love this Dragon and would like to try and adapt it for quilting

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I'd found this back in 2014 and I realized I couldn't remember where I found it from. I'm so glad I found this again. It's a gorgeous design. I'd been making a few amateur pendants at the time and wanted to try this... Not too bad. I tried them again recently and they're turning out much better.

I'm wondering if you would give permission for the design to be shared in the pendants if you are credited with the original dragon design. I'd just edited so the design could be laser etched into glass and then hand painted. This one is hanging from my rear view mirror in my car right now. I'd attempted 3 other background colors as well.


Wonderful design! I used my CNC machine to carve it into a gaming table I built for myself. I documented to the build and posted it on YouTube:

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Hi, can I have permission to use the design, it will be for a race medal for a small Running club taking place in May, I have been looking for a celtic style dragon for a long while and even longer trying to find the artist. Please let me know if ok and I will place donation in your paypal account. Great work. Regards. J 
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That's fine with me, however it is considered Anne Stoke's artwork that I changed up for my personal tattoo. So technically, you should ask her.
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May I use this design as cover art for a fanfiction I am writing? The main character has a ring that, if it's okay with you, I would want to have this on it.
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Sorry I did not get back to you until now. But yes you may use this.
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Thank you! And may I say, your jewelry is AWESOME!
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Thank you so much :)
I would like to use your design on tee shirts for my girls softball team. Would you allow this? If not I understand. Thank you for your time.
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i don't know if you were aware but i've seen this on a sweatshirt with a white eye instead of a red one.
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Yeah it's everywhere now...
Hey there! I was hoping to be permitted to use your design (slightly altered) for my SCA persona's crest, would you be ok with this?
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I think so, what exactly is an SCA contest?
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Wow, this is a super cool concept! :D
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This is pretty wicked. Can I ask how you made it, I would guess vectors? I can never get lines so smooth or perfectly curved by hand :L
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Actually, I drew it up by hand then outlined it in a black thin-tip sharpie marker, scanned it into my computer, put it in Adobe Illustrator & added "Live Trace" onto it so it smoothed out my lines for me then I just colored it in Photoshop.
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Live trace hey? I have never used Illustrator, sounds like a cool function :)
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Yeah, Illustrator is nice for a lot of things, but it's difficult to work with starting out and not knowing much. It took me one year to self-teach myself adobe photoshop.
I am making a quilt in memory of my son who passed on April 1, 2013.  He had a passion for dragons and swords.  He nicknamed himself "Kenny the Dragon".  May use Celtic Dragon Trinity Knot in my quilt?  I will most definitely credit you as well as make a donation.

Thanks in advance
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Yes of course you can use this design, especially for such an admirable cause.
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