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I'm now hosting Contra dAmn bots.

Registration Site: HERE
Agreement (ToS)HERE

:bulletgreen: Now accepting Paypal and Bitcoins for payments. :bulletgreen:

:bulletred: NOTE: We do not support nor host bots that operate outside of dAmn. :bulletred:

Also note that this is not a bot support thread. If you need help with dAmn bots, join #Botdom on dAmn to ask for help.

To dA Staff: If any of the bots hosted by this service breaks any of the dA rules, please notify DeathShadow--666 to have their bot hosting service terminated. Thanks
© 2012 - 2021 DeathShadow--666
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$20 a year for bot hosting? No way, man. Anyone know any alternatives?
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lol.. it's less than $2/month.. The only other way is to host it yourself or have a friend host it for you.
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That's a day's worth of food where I come from. 

Finding a friend with a server. Okay, that's going to stay on my todo list for a very long while.
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Hmmm, I keep getting a '403 Forbidden' error when I try to submit the registration form. Is that normal and I just missed  it in the FAQ or is my computer screwing me over?
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try again without using # in the join channel list?
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So if I want to have a bot does that mean I have to fill the registration form? or is there more I have to do?
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you have to create the account for the bot and fill out the registration form, then you pay the amount owed.
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I'd love to hear more and perhaps hire your help for a bit with one of my own bots. ^-^ I can manage bots on windows, but seem to fail on mac.. so if I'd pay you to help me out, is that an option as well? X3
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ah you're alive, well in your journal is talked about contra bot hosting, and I only need a bit of help with my own bot =v=" ( I want to use it for the mac eventually ) so could I also pay you for helping out?
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For bot help, join #Botdom on dAmn.
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okieee v.v" already did that a couple of times ... without luck or proper help, that's why I wanted to pay you instead and help me out.
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I've been running Contra on a Mac for a long time. All you need to do is use the .command files instead of .cmd

Find RUN-Contra.command in your Contra folder, right click on it and go under "Open With" and then pick Terminal if that's not the default already. :) Then it should ask for your bots name, trig, etc. and once you're done with all that, you'll just open that file in Terminal any time to run the bot.
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Love your signature. :lol:
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Jon, you're the second person to understand and notify me about it! :iconsuperw00tplz:
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So if I pay for this feature provided from you the logs will be delayed to get and access to my bot would be limited?
Just wondering cause I will need access to logs immediately if i need them.
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1 or 2 days to setup. since i have to do it myself. there's no script to do it automatically so it isn't set it up instantly.

The logs should be accessable as soon as the bot is setup.

You have almost full access to the bot -- the only things that you don't access to is direct access to the files (no editing files), some commands that could be a security risk to my server, and the quit command. since using quit command will shuts down the bot completely.
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Ok well thank you. ^.^ I will look into perhaps purchasing from you in the near future then.
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Wish I could but I don't have the money :saddummy:
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Random Question: Why would anyone need someone to host a Contra Bot for them?
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Because some people don't have internet access 24/7 :P or their internet can be unreliable so the bot can't stay connected.
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- not everyone can host their own bot?
- not everyone can leave thier comp on 24/7?
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