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Stock-Chess board photos-pack



Hi there all, I was asked by *zero-rider-stock to take a few photos of my chess board and here they are.
They are in the ';pack' just because i wasnt really happy with the 150 photo i took lol and didnt want to put them all up so ive chosen the best 5 and put em in a pack for her, i hope one of them is useful if not let me know and ill be happy to do it again :D
One of them is called free transform because while i was getting angrier and angrier with my inability to take a good photo at the angle she would have liked, i used free transform in photoshop to sort of level it out, hopefully *zero-rider-stock that will give you the desired angle you wanted :)
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I used your stock here: Checkmate by Energiaelca1
Thank you very much