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Too Many Pinkamenas

Kallisti Request #62 by pony_429860

"Pinkamena copying herself in the lake"

Drawn on the multiartist charity request livestream. If you feel like donating for the cause (Galacon and Bronies for Good, more details in the link): go here: [link]

Timelapsed video: [link]

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Did they really have to destroy all the clones? They could've given one to each of her fans
OMG this is sooooooooooooo cute
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This is like one of the best pictures ever.
It's so adorable, and an interesting idea, and incredibly well made, AND IT'S OF BEST PONY!
I understand howdigital art is made, and yet I don't understand how you can be this good at it XD I don't understand how anyone can be!

This inspires me to write fanfics :iconpinkamenaplz:
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I have seen the speedpaint
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Looking at some of the others' comments, I see how much Cupcakes has affected the brony
community o_o I personally see Pinkamena as Pinkie, in a more relaxed state :D It makes more sense,
doesn't it? Also I luv how you draw the manes!
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I've always seen Pinkamena as Pinkie when she is very sad or depressed, as clearly shown in "Party of One". Pinkie's full name is Pinkamena Diane Pie, as her parents call her in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles". And when Pinkie deflates into Pinkamena, she's as random and hilarious as always, it's just that it's driven by sadness and anxiety.

I guess Pinkamena is seen by some fans as evil and violent because the Tex Avery style of goofy insanity she had in "Party of One" is just so off the wall for a little girls' cartoon and nowadays is sadly associated with real-life serial killers. As for "Cupcakes"and similar fan works, I totally reject them. I prefer to stay within the spirit of Lauren Faust's (and Hasbro's) original vision.
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That's... I couldn't have said it better, dude. c:
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Thanks, MapleDashStar ! I'm sketching out a thumbnail story called "Late Night Pinkie" where Pinkamena is up in the middle of the night staring at a test pattern on TV with Princess Luna replacing the scary Indian Head, as she gobbles up caramel popcorn and gives worried laughs.
 emoticon pinkamena  Mr. Cake walks into her apartment, smiles and asks "Pinkie, are you still upset about what happened today?" Pinkie had a disaster of a work day with goofed up catering orders, clumsiness and unable to calm down the crying Cake twins when foal-sitting them that evening. Pinkie is so down and depressed that she's drowning her sorrows into what she thinks is an all-night movie marathon starring Princess Luna. When Mr. Cake tells Pinkamena it's really a test pattern, that instantly shocks her back to normal and puffs up her hair again.  He then reassures her that everypony has their bad day but that she's still a very enthusiastic and dedicated worker, as well as a beloved member of their family.
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Oh my goodness, that sounds awesome! I really like your interpretation of Pinkie.
The story sounds very well like it could have happened in canonverse. Good job!
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Thanks! I see it like you^^
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*takes one look*
**** we're screwed.
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Hazza!The death has been doubled!
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But pink pones are life :iconpinkiepiesillyplz:
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super! How do you do the hair?
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Thanks :iconcutepinkiepieplz:
I'm not sure how to explain. see if you'll get it from watching [link]
Basically I draw the rough texture and then use the airbrush for individual hair
CranberryMint's avatar
Thanks for your help :meow:
CrimsonHearts2010's avatar
Wow, you make them look so realistic!
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Good Work Sir!
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