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You might have thought the next picture would be Spitfire, but :iconeenopeplz:
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You see, it's funny because they don't have thumbs.
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Big Mac found out what thumbs are...... looks like we are going to get another Lyra XD
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There can be only one :iconlyrastareplz:
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It's interesting how the pony equivalent of a thumbs up is identical to the pony equivalent of giving a peace sign, an okay sign, and the finger.
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Probably more of the last one, since that's what the hoof is basically^^ :iconeeeyupplz:
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Okie dokie lokie :iconeeyesplz:
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Lack of thumbs makes Lyra cry...:iconlyracryplz:
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They probably have some remains of thumbs :iconlyrawtfplz:
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Lyra would want as long it's thumbs...:iconlyraexcitedplz:
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HOLY APPLES! THIS IS AMAZING!! Shoulda say: "Hooves up" instead?
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Thank you :iconbigmacponyplz:
Hooves up would be too mainstream :p
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Lol make sure lyra is not around :P
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