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Such a lovely grin
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Luna really really disapproved
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YES, quite lovely. :D 
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Haha! lmao at that bit! This pic is awesome!
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That's not a frown. THIS is a frown!! Rainbow Dash Rage Face Vector by Rebron-y
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Yeah, SHE'S got it down pat! :)
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Only Luna can be this cute being this angry lol
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Thats not a frown, its a smile up side down! :D
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Prepare for imminent Canterlot voice! XD
The-Boisterous-Brony's avatar
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! This is 20% better than it was in the show!!!
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I love dat face from "Royal problems". Awesome work !!!
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I see someone saw the tenth episode. What did you think of it?

This scene looks all the sillier in your style, and it's awesome!
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Glorious...  Though, I'd hate to see her angry.
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Now thats a smile to be proud of

and fear ^^
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Luna looks adorable as a grump.
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Grumpy cat: Good...good...let the hate flow through you.
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