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Royal Serenade

This duo will bring a great calm to the land with the soothing sweet sonority of the flugelhorn
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This is really sweet!Because you never see anypony(individualy)from the mane six(besides Twilight)hanging out with princess Celestia!So it's nice to see Pinkie can even make Celestia smle!Why woudn't she be able to though?She's Pinkie!
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Such a sweet scene ^.^ And wow, there's even Ponyville in the distance :D
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this is too awesome. XD
Sperkel-Derg's avatar
I took me awhile to realise it was pinkie pie x3
DeathPwny's avatar
Who else would it be^^ :iconhappyshrugplz:
Sperkel-Derg's avatar
i thought she was actually ariel!! XD
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Hahahh!!! Amazing!!! :XD: :XD: :XD:
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Pinkie pie with an alternate hairstyle? Man, Celestia IS powerful if she managed that. Nice thing you've got here.
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It was supposed to be the same one, just windswept, but I kinda draw it differently every time XD :iconhappyshrugplz:
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I see that, although Pinkie's hair looks a lot like Ariel's hair from The Little Mermaid.
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Pinkie is best princess!
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*___________* so many pinkies... so many pinkies.... so many pinkies.... :O BADASS PICTURE OF PINKIE many pinkies....eyecancer Clapping Pony Icon - Queen Chrysalis 
DeathPwny's avatar
Thank you! Pinkie sure is :iconheropinkieplz:
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You did an AWESOME job on this~
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Beautiful Drawing! :iconpinkiepiesmileplz:
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