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She saw it coming all along. Or she hid her gear all over Ponyville in case of an alicorn party emergincy.
Anyways, Twilight is nice and all, but we all know our true princess.

Also, one of the best episodes if not teh best. Plus Pinkie can be drawn with a straight mane now without everyone shouting wolf (or cupcakes). But that's for when there is more time so excuse the sloppy work on this pic, had to make it fast.

One flaw in the episode: Pinkie was reformed last and got no solo part in that song
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Princess Pinkie.
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It is I! Pinkie, the Party Princess! Tee hee hee, I love this picture very much!
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Okie dokie lokie :iconsuperpinkie1plz::iconsuperpinkie2plz:
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yay pinkie fans!!!

her hair is so gorgeous :D
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Truely fabolous :iconhappyrarityplz:
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lol we shall alld ress our pinkie toys with paper party hats and foam wings!
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Lol, yes, that would be appropriate :iconpinkiepiesillyplz:
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Quick, hide your cupcakes!
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You've gotta caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare, you've gotta shaaaaaaaaaaaaaare :iconpinkiepiedplz:
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Party princess! Equestria is doomed.
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Equastria is made! Again! :iconheropinkieplz:
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All hail the Party Princess!
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No need to bow. Just smile :iconpinkiedeclarationplz:
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I am at your command, Princess!

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Hail Princess Pinkie pie of the rule Equestrian!
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Yes! Worship Pinkie :iconpinkiepie-plz:
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Hail 2 da Queen baby! :iconmasf123:
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