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Pinkie teleporting

By DeathPwny
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Well, Pinkie being able to teleport was canon since lesson zero.

Original standing image done by :iconmonkeyjay:

Get the package for desktop ponies here: [link]
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(Falls over laughing)

so, tell me, how much ammo do you have for the part cannon? because there will be hundreds of bots...
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Infinite, but one party is enough
let me paraphrase:

Team fortress 2 has players running around in a box arena to achieve objectives between the opposing RED and BLU teams and you get to choose one of 8 class
soldier, heavy, demo-man, scout, sniper, spy, medic, or engineer

the essence is team work because while you can use skill to survive combat encounters (to a degree), each type is too compromised in some way to go it alone like in halo or call or duty: modern warfare to achieve objectives with regularity

each team fights for the RED or BLU side of

but in Mann vs Machine, its all about 6 players fending off this:…

now you tell me whether or not this is welcome company?…
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Pink pone is always welcome company :iconheropinkieplz:

Mann versus machine

In team fortress 2

I've not played any tf2 but I get the feeling that skilled players would get a superb morale boost form her much more than any soldier rallying flag...
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Never heard of it
What a welcome sight in MVM
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Man Versus Machine

yea I know this is old
Hey, I notice that you licensed your sprite as CC BY-NC-ND 3.0, I was wondering if this was a mistake or not?

The Desktop-Ponies-Team page says all the sprites are CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 and if the original standing image was CC BY-NC-SA 3.0, then this would also have to be CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 since it's a derivative work.
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Oh yeah. Well I set up the license before I knew much about it and before Desktop Ponies ever thought of licenses. So it wasn't under any license at that time, but yeah, I see no problem with derivative work being allowed
Thanks, there's a pretty cool script ([link]) that used part of this gif for the teleporting part and I didn't want to contribute until I made sure everything was kosher first.
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i like how the party thing just explodes xD
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........omg ....omg...omg :iconrainbowhappyplz: she teleports now? SHE CAN DO ANyTHING !!!

Teleports to twi's house "pinkie how did you get here."........."wait you teleported, how your not a unicorn thats not scientifically possible your not scientifically possible !!"
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Oh, she could teleport long before that:)
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